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1) 0002.0001 Cupid, Registered Guide
16mm reduction print made from 35mm. // Short romantic drama. // Short romantic drama shot in Maine in 1921 and starring Edgar Jones and Edna May Sperl. Doctor Allan Lang is on ...
2) 0002.0002 Cupid, Registered Guide (Negative)
16mm reduction negative made from 35mm. // Short romantic drama. // Short romantic drama shot in Maine in 1921 and starring Edgar Jones and Edna May Sperl. Doctor Allan Lang is ...
3) 0822.0015 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 15
more canoeing / fishing looks like same place as 15 + same men camping S.C.S. men Lou Parlin, Bob Fish display 1 – teepee Clearing brush for canoes with ropes and letting canoe...;Two men in a canoe. Beached canoes. People in a tent. Tents in a campsite. Two men in a canoe. A man holds up a fish. Three men next to a campfire. Tents. Two men in a canoe. Pa...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 15 (1969): -Walter’s annual fishing trip – possible names of co-workers from Orono/Old Town area were: Lou Parlin, Dennis Erinakes, Larry Long, Ken LaFla...
6) 0822.0022 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 22
Millimagassett 1970 Millimagssett fishing ; camp ; boating on lake in canoe (don’t know who other men are besides Walter) Lou Parlin. Dinsmore men napping all around camp site;Two men unloading a car near a bridge. A boat on the lake. Tents in a campsite. Two men in a canoe. One man holds up two fish. Three men cooking at the campsite. The men sleepin...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 22 -Walter and buddies fishing on Millimagassett Lake, Maine
6) 0822.0025 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 25
Fishing could date it from S’s graduation Dennis Erinakas more canoe fishing camp Larry Long Frank + Nancy Gladys good condition very nice scenery old farm house Susan Orono gra...;Two men fishing from a canoe. A man seated beside a campfire, with a tent in the background. A man fishing from a bridge. Two men in a canoe. Houses. A girl (Susan) in a white g...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 25 (1971): -Susan’s graduation from Orono High School -Thompson’s Point in Bar Harbor, eating lobster. Nancy, Frank Belsky (Nancy’s second husband, Glady...
6) 0822.0029 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 29
Tree Harvester, R. Strong – bag pipes, Trips to Nova Scotia. Tree Harvesting in Nova Scotia Roy Strong – bog pipes Gladys with La Flamme boys;People walking through the woods, after a machine stripping branches and cutting down trees. A lighthouse. A building with ‘B.Y.C.’ on the front. A woman walking through a parki...;Reel 29 (1969): -Nova Scotia visiting friends(?)
19) 0822.0036 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 36
1969 Big picnic on Davis Dr. Shots of surf from back of boat? G + woman walking down a lane in the woods Man feeding bird out of his hand.;People eating at an outdoor table. A flooded dam. A dirt road in the wood. People walking up the road, to a car with a canoe on the roof. A red cabin with the sign: ‘RAVENCROAK’...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 36 (1969): -Backyard bar-b-que in Veazie -Grubb and Erinakis families, Gladys in green dress -Veazie dam on Penobscot River? -Car on camp road; Gladys an...
47) 0822.0039 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 39
Unidentified men Canoeing and camping;A river. Two people in a canoe, paddling against the current. An animal carcass in the grass. Trucks and an RV parked on the side of the road. Three men around a campfire. Truck...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 39 (1966): -Fishing trip with buddies; Lou Parlin in red jacket (?); also Hunting trip
31) 0822.0040 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 40
Same as 39 plus fishing and man sitting on outdoor toilet.;People loading and launching canoes. Canoes on the river. Men in a campsite. A man fetching water from the river. A man sitting beside the water. A man sitting on a latrine. A m...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 40 (1970): -Fishing trip; Dennis Erinakis in glasses -How to build a latrine or what men do to entertain themselves on a fishing trip
49) 0822.0043 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 43
N.H. NE.F.S, Start Katahdin Driving in car G. @ campsite Girls in convertible Men @ picnic Man digging hole. ;A man digging a hole. People eating at a picnic table by the water. Houses on the shore. Two women in a convertible. Tree leaves. The convertible, lowering the roof. A campsite...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 43 (1965-1968) -Man digging (soil samples?) -Family picnic -Susan and Linda in Linda’s car, then Gladys and Grandma -Gladys near tent (where?)
11) 0835.0019 [New York Scenes and Camping]
Date range from edge codes on film. // Can label: 'New York Scenes - Some Woods and Camping Sequences at Beginning and End of Reel.' // New York City footage.
12) 0836.0107 [unidentified--home movies] Reel 1
Can notes: 'Sally and I camping in Dolly Copp Campground in the NH White Mountains Summer 1953. Meddy (Medfield) and her kittens playing at 213 South St. Medfield Mass. One of t...
13) 0836.0109 [unidentified--home movies] Reel 3
Can notes: '4th of July 1965 trip in toward Monache Meadows in the High Sierras of Calif. Footage at campsite on Fish Creek. And Death Valley March 1967.' // Amateur footage of ...
3) 95-40.0003 Camping trip at Isle Royale--Dassler family--home movies. Reel 3
NHF cataloguer's notes, 2/96 for Reel 3: bull moose swimming across calm lake water; exits onto wooded shoreline; boy, an eldery man, and a young woman fishing for 'muskie' from...
15) 1383.0011 [Earl Hodgkins--home movies] Reel 11
Can notes: 'Echo Lake, Ann, Billy, 1956. Kendra, Jane, and children--dressed up on our lawn, Orrington. Ann all dressed up, going to town. Monhegan Island, balmy days 1956. Beec...;Children play at beach. Family outside house, children wearing costumes. Boathouse and people riding in a crowded boat. Sailboat. Two children in motorboat. Girl paddles with oa...
32) 1383.0012 [Earl Hodgkins--home movies] Reel 12
Can notes: 'Popham Beach 1959. Beech Hill, summer and fall. Building snow fort-home 1959-1960. Billy--Ann sliding down rook. Cub scout--St. George Lake 1960. Popham Beach 1960. ...
35) 1428.0007 [Birch Rock Camp footage] Reel 7
Amateur footage primarily of camp activities at Birch Rock Camp, Waterford, Me. (and possibly at Kimball Union Academy in Meriden, N.H. where William Brewster, founder of Birch ...
18) 1555.0001-.0019 [Rick Hawkes--home movies]
Amateur footage. Ice fishing, hunting and camping home footage. Box notes as follows (all boxes addressed Jim and Rosemary Hawkes, 64 and 66 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine): Reel 1 Fi...
20) 1638.0016 Mount Rushmore, Dude Ranch--Robert N. Lupfer--home movies. Reel 16
Princeton University, very briefly. Washington DC: Capitol building, Supreme Court building. Washington Monument. Lawn sprinkler. Teens playing baseball. Line of girls watch...;Color 1940 Princeton, Ed JML Washington Mt Vernon Basketball game N. Dakota Mt Rushmore Baseball game, Wyoming 1940 Eatons' Ranch 1940 rodeo group riding Pack trip 1940;Compiled color home movies including scenes of Lupfer family travel to Washington, DC, Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota, and Eaton's Ranch in Wolf, Wyoming.
20) 1682.0001 Home in Lansdowne, PA, and New York visit--Robert Hoadley Whipple--home movies. Reel 1
Black-and-white home movie including scenes of the Whipple family at home in Lansdowne, PA, their dog, Jack, and a trip to New York.;On can: "House, Jack, New York";Whipple home on Congress Avenue, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania. Views of car parked on street and of the house and yard from different angles. The family dog, Jack, is seen on the s...
21) 1695.0008 Fishing, camping, trip to Canada, graduation, chemical plant, 1948-1952--Donald Taylor--home movies. Reel 8
Reel #7: Moosehead Lake fishing. Rubye Taylor and Ellen Jewett. George Jewett in boat. Ellen and Rubye. Mt. Kineo. Fish cleaning. '?'. Rubye. Fish on stick. Robin feeding ...;Color: Pan of Moosehead Lake. Two woman sit by boat (Rubye and Ellen Jewett). Man (George Jewett) in boat threading fishing rod. CU of women. Pan across the lake to Mt. Kine...
24) 1734.0002 [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 2
A dog swimming in the water. An older man and a little girl next to a beached motorboat. The little girl carrying firewood near a tent. People swimming. A man carrying supplies....
21) 1734.0005 [Laura Nickerson--home movies] Reel 5
A duck and ducklings. A picnic beside a pop-up camper. A man seated outside a van. A baseball game. People around a pool. A picnic beside a camper. A crowd of people on a porch....
28) 1930.0007 Camping and fishing in Vermont and Canada, 1929--Fitch family--home movies. Reel 7
Black-and-white home movie of 1929 Fitch family camping and fishing trips to Mitchell Pond, Vermont, and Canada.;Notes on can: "Beany & Dad's Canadian Trip, Lake Mitchell";Man and woman with campfire and cookstove in background; woman holding glass up while walking toward camera; shot of mountains (no leaves on trees); lake shot with mountains in ...
25) 1930.0008 Spring and fall, 1930--Fitch family--home movies. Reel 8
Black-and-white home movie includes 1930 scenes of the Fitch family at White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, and celebrating Thanksgiving.;Intertitle: "At White Sulphur Springs": winter landscape, man with bowler hat and cane posed in winter landscape; exterior shot of hotel; Intertitle: "April 15, 1930": woman b...
26) 1942.0005 [McEwen Family--home movies] Reel 5
Date from edge code. Footage of a camping trip on the coast.
41) 1942.0014 [McEwen Family--home movies] Reel 14
Date from edge code. Home movies, footage of a camping trip.
28) 1942.0015 [McEwen Family--home movies] Reel 15
Date from edge code. Footage of a cat and dog, as well as a group of people hanging out on their motorcycles.
18) 2132.0018 Children, Posy parades, travel--Joshua D. Maule, Jr. Family--home movies. Reel 18, Accession 2132
2 Xmas - Judy - baby Posy Parades - 3 or 4 early 50's Harry's house So Bend Trip Prindles Trailer - deer hunting Susan's Christening Susan's 1st steps Judy's 1st steps J...
20) 2132.0020 Family vacations--Joshua D. Maule, Jr. Family--home movies. Reel 20
On can: "Vacations";Cherokee - Dad/Cyril/ Judy's 1st day @ school, deer hunting - Mom - Dad - Prindle Cabin (Redwood Estates) Judy - 5 Joanne - teenage Joan [Doring?] - Josh Jack - Jane - Ju...;Compiled reel includes scenes at Santa Cruz, CA; Reno, NV; Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA; Redwood Estates, CA; Shasta Dam on Shasta Lake, CA; and Lick Observatory, Mount Ham...
32) 2160.0007 [Paul Robbins--home movies] Reel 7
Date from edge code on film. // Boat/ferry. Camping. Waterfall. Guards marching. Possibly in Canada?
33) 2177.0072 [Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 72
Label: 'Aquarius II July 1934.' // Film had mold on edges - cleaned.;DVD slate: Reel 72. Aquarius 2, July 1934. [Could be Aquarius Plateau, Utah, now in Dixie National Forest] Pack trip in field. Man on horse with colt. Sheep come to a trough. ...
18) 2177.0073 [Henry Sturgis Dennison--home movies] Reel 73
Label: 'Ranch #1.' // Film has 1.2% shrinkage - 07/2004. // Perf damage and tear in frames near head.;DVD slate: Reel 73. Ranch, 1928 View from train, view of receding rails (standing on caboose platform or end of train.) Very flat terrain. Occasional sheds, cows. Encampment,...
6) 2182.0022 [Fernands Family--home movies] Reel 22
Label: 'Honor Club Camping Trip 1970, Honor Club Chateau Frontenac.'
36) 2182.0030 [Fernands Family--home movies] Reel 30
Label: 'Vacation, Camping at Wolf Lake Canada, Water Skiing.'
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