Cupid, Registered Guide

Maine (?)
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16mm reduction print made from 35mm. // Short romantic drama. // Short romantic drama shot in Maine in 1921 and starring Edgar Jones and Edna May Sperl. Doctor Allan Lang is on a camping vacation at Lake Telos and lamenting rumors that his love interest, Lana Candage is to be married to dandy Mortimer Totten, at her father's wishes. Nearby, Registered Guide Bob Stickney falls from a tree, injures his leg, and Lang spends the remainder of his vacation nursing him back to health before heading back to the city. Once there he finds that Lana has been brought to Telos by her father, where they are 'surprised' at their camp by the sudden appearance of Totten. Shortly thereafter, Lana feigns illness in order to request Lang's presence, and he is reunited with Stickney. Together, the three devise a plan to get the consent of Lana's father for her marriage to Lang. Features many scenes shot outdoors in the wilderness, canoes on lakes, and an interior of a log cabin.

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