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34) 2463.0001 Family and friends in Maine, 1937-1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 1
Black-and-white reel compiling home movies of Pinkham family and friends at several Maine locations, including Gardiner and Pemaquid Beach.;Margaret - Cyrus - Charles & Peggy, Dot - Grandma, 1937, 1938 - Picnic at Buzell's with Farmers, Pinkhams and Smiths - Grandma's House - Dad's Old Home - The Rolfes - Margaret,...;Young woman picking flower from garden, playing with cat, smoking in repose. Intertitle: "Cyrus" Cyrus seen smoking, diving and swimming, in stage makeup as an older man, and ...
23) 2463.0002 Margaret and Clinton Smith wedding, 1937--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 2
Compiled reel of 16 mm. home movies of the 1937 wedding of Margaret and Clifton Smith with later footage of their daughter Carolyn.;Wedding - Margaret and Clinton Smith Baby - Carolyn is born (Margaret & Clinton) Margaret & mother go calling the newly married MacLeods The Handy Shop;Reel begins with several inserts from the wedding announcement: "Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus S. Pinkham announce the marriage of their daughter Margaret to Mr. Clifton Smith on Thursday,...
3) 2463.0003 Smiths and Pinkhams, 1939-1940--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 3
Home movies of baby Carolyn on an outing with family, at play with other children, and at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Pinkham.;- Mother, Father, Margaret, Clinton, Handy Shop - Carolyn - at the picnic, at the playground, kids playing, Father reading book to Carolyn;Continues with footage of young Carolyn at the picnic seen at the end of Reel 2. Margaret and Carolyn leaving the Handy Shop with tricycle, Carolyn rides it on downtown sid...
20) 2463.0004 A family outing and Christmas, 1937; scenes from 1939--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 4
Compiled reel of home movies including an August 1937 trip by the Pinkhams and Stewarts to New York's Belmont Lake State Park; Christmas 1937; and various family scenes from thr...;Title: "A Family Outing/Aug. 1937" Title: "Cast/THE PINKHAMS/and/THE STEWARTS" Family packs up the car with picnic baskets and blankets, arrives to meet Peggy, then Charles, p...
5) 2463.0005 Rockefeller Center, 1937-1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 5
Black-and-white home movie provides a tour of Rockefeller Center, including scenes of Mary Pickford and Buddy Rogers at a garden event.;Rockefeller Center - Mary Pickford - The Rainbow Room - Times Square;Sign: "ROCKEFELLER CENTER MCMXXXII" Title: "Photographed and edited by Cyrus Pinkham" Intertitle: "Rockefeller Center is the largest building project ever undertaken by privat...
6) 2463.0006 Desert of Maine, North Conway, N.H., Hunting, 1937--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 6
Desert of Maine - Flying over North Conway - Hunting;Hunting, "Produced by Cyrus Pinkham," and "Filmed around North Conway, N.H." cast of "Boy," played by Winthrop Rolfe, and "Dog," played by Teddy. Boy, who has lost an arm, emerg...
6) 2463.0007 A day in a young boy's life, 1937--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 7
Theatre in the Cellar presents A Day in A Young Boy's Life starring Charles Stewart, Jr.
24) 2463.0008 Be Beautiful?, Boothbay Harbor, Donald B. MacMillan 1937-1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 8
Compilation of four films, including the comic short "Be Beautiful?", a short film of a visit to Boothbay Harbor, brief footage of the ferry Virginia, and a newsreel-style short...;1) Cyrus Pinkham Presents Peggy Smith in Be Beautiful? 2) A vacation - Boothbay Harbor 3) Virginia (a ferry, not the state) 4) News Flashes - cameo by Lowell Thomas ;Title: "Cyrus Pinkham Presents" Title: "Peggy Smith in Be Beautiful?" Title: "Screenplay/Cyrus Pinkham/David Houck/Peggy Smith/Titles/Peter Schuman" Dramatic short of a frump...;Scanned in 2K for NFPF grant in 2022.
8) 2463.0009 Maine snowstorm, Portland flight, Boothbay Harbor, 1937-1939--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 9
Compiled reel of 1937-1939 home movies, including a snowstorm in Maine, a flight from Portland, Maine, to New Jersey, and recreation on Boothbay Harbor.;Snow in Maine, Boothbay and Gardiner, Virginia - Flying from Portland to New Jersey - Capitol Island 1939;Portland Press Herald headline reads "Snowfall of 20 Inches And Higher Engulfs Maine." Scenes of woman walking plowed streets, past people digging out. -- Intertitle: "Flying...
8) 2463.0010 Florida travel, 1940--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 10
1940 home movie of travels through Florida, including scenes of sail fishing, animal shows, and Palm Beach.;Intertitle: "Sail Fishing off the coast of Florida 1/40" Motoring out, dropping lines, marlin catch, ocean liner in distance. Sign: "Clyde Beatty's Zoo" Scenes of animal show...
1) 2463.0011 Boothbay Harbor, Capitol Island, Maine--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 11
Capitol Island and boat trip on the Charlepeg
12) 2463.0012 New York visit, Cyrus's birthday--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 12
Walter and Florence at Malverne - Picnic on L.I. with Mother, Stratty, Charles and Peggy. - Boat trip up the Hudson - Cyrus Birthday Party - Charles and Peggy do a scene in King...
14) 2463.0013 New York World's Fair, 1939--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 13
A clever, artfully-shot, and carefully-edited amateur film of the 1939 New York World's Fair.;Reel opens on an array of print material, including news clippings, magazines, and brochures, regarding the New York World’s Fair. Cut to a view of the fair in the distance, po...;"World's Fair 1939-1940". Scanned in 2K for an NFPF grant in 2022.
12) 2463.0014 1938 fragment--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 14
Brief fragment of a group picnicking at Jones Beach, N.Y., and of a short dramatic scene with two men and a woman.
15) 2463.0015 Lady and gentleman call, Newport, R.I., 1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 15
1938 reel compiling a short dramatic scene featuring Margaret, Peggy, and Charles, and a visit to Viking Beach at Newport, Rhode Island.;Title: "Lady and Gentleman Call 10/38" A woman receives a visit by a young boy and girl. The three sit together in the living room working on a puzzle when the boy throws a ta...
16) 2463.0016 Ocean liner Angelina and Jones Beach, N.Y., 1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 16
Home movie featuring the ocean liner, Angelina, docked in New York, and an overview of facilities and activities at Jones Beach State Park, N.Y.
17) 2463.0017 Home and Jones Beach, N.Y., 1937--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 17
Color home movie of family gathered on lawn at home and of a visit by two women and young children to Jones Beach, N.Y.
4) 2463.0018 Opening night at theater in cellar, 1938--Cyrus Pinkham--home movies. Reel 18
Brief 1938 film of family and friends descending stairs into the cellar, followed by pan across the seated audience.
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