[Virginia Lee Viall--home movies] Reel 4

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Virginia Lee Viall's Sixth Birthday June 20, 1953
A girl (Virginia) and a man seated on a bench. A birthday cake. Virginia with birthday gifts. She holds up a copy of ‘Blueberries for Sal’. A man holds a lobster out to Virginia. Children with a rabbit. Virginia and a dog on the shore. Shot of the water. Close up of a toy boat with ‘Virginia Lee’ written on the stern. Virginia and a boy (Bobby?) playing with the boat. Virginia on a swing. Virginia climbing a tree. The two children seated on the front steps of a house. A sign: ‘PRIVATE ROAD’. Children walking in the woods. Virginia playing in the water. A boy diving into a swimming pool. Two people in a rowboat. Virginia hanging clothes on a line. Virginia in a cowgirl costume. A man gives Virginia a kiss goodbye before getting into a car. Virginia on a Santa Claus and reindeer sculpture. Signs for ‘VIALL’S MILK TRAIN DEPPY’. The family with the miniature train. A decorated Christmas tree with gifts. Virginia emptying her stocking and playing with new toys. Other people opening gifts. A boy with drums. Close up of a doll. The dog. Two children with flowers. Children on bicycles. Virginia and Bobby with Easter decorations. Bobby with a bicycle. Virginia and Bobby with flowers and a cake. A sign for the: ‘GORDON SCHOOL’. Children playing on a playground. A parade with a marching band, walking past an A&P Supermarket. [End of Reel]

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