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4) 0143/0144.0020 [Robert M. Hume, Sr.--home movies]. Reel 20: Christmas
Box notes: 'Orono Xmas 1949. Bob III & Bill.' NHF cataloguer's notes: Christmas: tree, presents, children.
9) 0252.0034 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 34
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 34: (100 ft.) 'Christmas 1932 Machias.' Family members.
6) 0290.0003 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 3
Amateur: Men walk past horse-pulled hay wagon. Cows grazing in woods, walking in herd. Men in barn cutting sides of beef. Living room family scene with Christmas tree. Aged coup...
6) 0293 [Student Cable Production]
Student performance. Latter part of tape is Christmas concert performed by Gardiner School. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
15) 0295.0001 cat. 5310-01-VLLX [Philip Veilleux--home movies]
Family Christmas including tree, opening gifts, children. Woman dancing. Kitchen scene. [1954 date code]
4) 0295.0004 cat. 5310-04-VLLX [Philip Veilleux--home movies]
Christmas scene. Children coming downstairs in pajamas and opening gifts. Toy helicopter. Large group arriving at house. Family meal with food visible. Dog. Boy wearing suit of ...
7) 0309 cat.0007-07-WABI-59 Downtown Bangor
Bangor : Scenes of Main Street during Christmas shopping season at night. Shows WABI neon sign, a toy train in a department store window, the Sears Roebuck building, Citizens Ut...
35) 0309 cat.0007-08-WABI-58 Freeses Department Store, Bangor
Bangor : Long static night shots of Freeses Department Store lit up for Christmas. Also, some shots of the crowds on the streets and a look through the front windows of the stor...
9) 0311 cat. 1002-15-WABI-59 Christmas Party at Dow Air Force Base
Santa's distribution of gifts including him posing with children and nuns. People eating around a table. The men rush out to get on and Air Force plane.
10) 0312 cat. 1003-01-WABI-59 Christmas Toys
Christmas items display including cards, toys, decorations, and crowd.
11) 0314 cat.1004-05-WABI-59 Paul Bunyan
Bangor: Christmas celebration around Paul Bunyan statue including crane placing of a lei around the statue's neck, Santa Claus, men raising themselves in the crane, CU of statue.
16) 0314 cat.1004-06-WABI-59 Santa Parade
Bangor: Parade including Cub Scout float on which scouts saw wood, Peace on Earth float with angels, majorettes, Santa on float.
21) 0316 cat.0010-06-WABI-59 Rexall Brewer Auditorium
Brewer: Rexall displays Christmas wares at Brewer Auditorium. Shots include people browsing; displays of cards, toys and decorations; 'Toyland' and 'Merry Christmas' signs.
8) 0316 cat.0010-09-WABI-59 Storm Scenes
Bangor: Heavy snowfall and its impact. Scenes include vehicles having difficulty from slippery road conditions, snowdrifts, and a 'Merry Christmas' sign.
15) 0316 cat.0010-12-WABI-59 Station ID and Season's Greetings
Bangor: Station ID in the form of a Christmas card held in someone's hands. The card is opened and the inside says, 'Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from WABI-TV Channel 5 ...
16) 0317 cat.0012-08-WABI-58 Mart Santa Claus
Santa at Mart with children on his lap. Shots include store interior, crowd and children's reaction, toy displays.
29) 0318 cat.0013-11-WABI-59 Paul Bunyan Statue
Christmas wreath is place around neck of Bunyan statue. Christmas parade shots include two men and Santa in a cherry-picker, a Cub Scout float, a peace-on-Earth float, a Santa f...
45) 0328 cat. 0019-05-WABI-60 The Mart Santa
Santa arrives at the Mart in a convertible, and waves to kids and cameras. He enters the Mart, makes his way through the crowds, seats himself, and takes kids on his lap. Also s...
19) 0332 cat. 0020-06-WABI-61 Bozo in Presque Isle
Presque Isle: Bozo visits children at the Arthur R. Gould Memorial Hospital in Presque Isle. Shots of the hospital sign. Also of Bozo entertaining children at two hospitals and ...
20) 0338 cat. 0026-02-WABI-61 Christmas Decoration
Bangor: People hanging wreaths and decorations on street. [? Phil Yates, 1/94. Not on reel during transfer?]
29) 0340 cat. 1010-06-WABI-61 Bozo in Presque Isle
Presque Isle: Bozo's visit to Presque Isle Community Center including interior and exterior of building, crowd waiting, stage, introduction of Bozo, his talking to children and ...
19) 0345 cat. 0032-01-WABI-61 Santa Parade
Bangor: Parade featuring school marching bands from Bangor, Brewer, Bucksport, Hermon, Ellsworth and Orono. Also Santa and reindeer float, Bangor fire truck, and crowds.
25) 0349 cat. 1011-02-WABI-61 Dead River
Commercials including 'Dead River Salutes Presque Isle's Bion Hartford and Sons,' 'Dead River salutes Vaillencourt Oil Co. in Van Buren,' 'Dead River's History -- Parts 1 and 2,...
49) 0350 cat. 0032-12-WABI Christmas Lights
Bangor: Christmas lights on homes and businesses, Santa and reindeer displays, a Christmas tree.
26) 0350 cat. 0033-01-WABI-60 Santa Claus Parade
Parade including Nativity and Christmas Countdown floats, Jaycees, Santa and reindeer, Newport and Bangor marching bands and majorettes.
26) 0350 cat. 0033-03-WABI-60 Tree Planting at Brewer
Brewer: Four men, three of whom are military, plant a tree and decorate it with Christmas lights.
27) 0350 cat. 0033-06-WABI-60 Christmas Toys at Fire Station
Fire station collection drive for toys for needy children.
28) 0350 cat. 0033-07-WABI-60 Christmas Shoppers
Last minute Christmas shopping on Main Street including Grant's Department Store, a Christmas tree, traffic and street scene.
29) 0350 cat. 0033-08-WABI-60 National Guard Christmas
Guardsmen load large boxes onto a truck marked, 'Season's Greetings -- Helping Santa -- Your National Guard.'
24) 0359 cat. 0049-22-WABI-62 Santa Parade
Parade including Orono, Bucksport, and Newport school bands along with floats and Santa with reindeer.
35) 0360 cat. 0050-04-WABI-62 Christmas Greetings on Main St.
Bangor: Man puts up 'Merry Christmas' banner across lightposts. CU, MS, and LS.
32) 0360 cat. 0088-02-WABI-62 Xmas Party at WABI
WABI Christmas party including Bozo and singer onstage, Santa coming out of chimney and holding a little girl on his lap, Dick Bronson handing out small gifts.
30) 0360 cat. 0088-04-WABI-62 Christmas Lights
Night shots of Christmas lights, a nativity scene at a church, and a Santa Claus with reindeer.
36) 0360 cat. 0088-08-WABI-62 Christmas Party at Dow Air Force Base
Party including people working, children being entertained, and gifts rolling on a platform.
35) 0386 cat.0069-13-WABI-63 [Santa's Parade]
Santa parade. Santa climbs down a fire ladder and into a crowd as he heads for his cabin at the Broadway Shopping Center. Shots include parade with floats and marching bands, Sa...
36) 0387 cat. 0070-11-WABI-63 WABI Christmas Party
WABI party including Bozo and Santa Claus, a band playing, children.
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