[Virginia Lee Viall--home movies] Reel 3

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Virginia Lee V. 4th birthday - June 20, 1951
Close up of a calendar with an ‘Officer Friendly’ print, with June 20, 1951 circled. A birthday cake. A girl (Virginia) eating the cake. Virginia playing with a toy phone. Virginia holds up a ‘Tom and Jerry’ storybook. She holds up an inflatable pool toy. Virginia watering a rose bush. Close up of Virginia’s face. Virginia and a young boy playing outdoors. Virginia and another person with jack-o-lanterns. Virginia with flowers. Turkeys. A van with ‘The Gordon School’ written on the side. A doll house in front of a decorated Christmas tree. A boy holds up a toy airplane. Virginia opening gifts. The boy helps her put on new slippers. Both children playing with the dollhouse. A woman reading a pop-up book to Virginia. The boy playing pool. Virginia holds up a new dress and purse. Other people opening gifts. The boy and Virginia playing. A sign post buried in a snow bank: ‘EASTON STATION, BANGOR AND AROOSTOOK ROAD’. Children being pulled on a sled, past a large building in the snow. Close ups of various people. A ‘F.H. VAHLSING INC.’ building. A ‘C.A. POWERS & CO. POTATOES’ building. People in the snow. A snow plow. People outside a store with the sign: ‘JIMMIE’S’. Children playing in the snow. A sign on a train station: ‘PRESQUE ISLE’. A train approaching. Landscape filmed from a moving vehicle. Virginia playing in the snow. Virginia shoveling snow. A cake with ‘Mother’ written in the icing. Close up of a boy. Virginia with a doll. A birthday cake with cowboy figurines and ‘Happy Birthday Bobby 12 yrs.’ written in icing. Close up of a boy (Bobby?). A boy playing a drum. The boy with a rifle. Virginia with an ice cream cone. [End of Reel]

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