[Alfred Pfister--home movies] Reels 27-29

New Jersey (Waidhof farm), United States
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Amateur footage of travel by Dr. Alfred Pfister. Donor's reel notes: Reel 27: On board S.S. Europa with band, scenery of coastline, Paula, maja, unknown woman. European city. New York City pier, arriving back from England on Europa, seaplane over ship (follows Reel 19). Cruise, Mediterranean (Italy?), city views, coastline, scenes of residential quarter, Pfister family got on Italian liner at Trieste (reel runs backward). City with crucifix, castle, river, house of someone famous. Beach with cabanas. Oostende Airport, Belgium, airport interior (precedes Reel 19, plane and Croydon Airport). Reel 28: Haymo with Pep, Arnold with Hans, Paula, Marthy, Marge, Hannah and the older children at farm, 1931. Tractor cutting hay at farm, raking by hand. Threshing machine with Haymo, Alfred and others. Ski-joring behind car on pond, some filmed from inside car, campfire in snow, Pep and others, winter 1930-1931. Pep walking, 1931. Caged pheasants and peacocks at farm, dogs, cow. Reel 29: Hunting along the Nippisiquit River, New Brunswick, Canada, October 1929 (precedes and follows Reel 3/acc.1062). Train wih Alfred and other men. Loading baggage and equipment from van into small railroad car, unloading it later. Views from camp, log cabins, horses and wagon with luggage, dead moose, backpacking out, skinning deer, cleaning skin and butchering. Making one-man rafts and poling them in stream. Eating at camp. Calling for moose with horn, made of birchbark?

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