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8) 0150.0001 Lucerne, Maine
1. Actuality: Tozier's winter sports party 1928, 1929' with Dupont Pathe 12 stock. Decorated frame shots, Lucerne Hotel, train, fishing. (Dupont Pathe 29 stock). Six or so men p...
7) 0155.0004 [Hunting dogs short]
Collection formerly called 'Seavey Collection' Three hunting dogs in action. Shots include a group of hunters and various hunting dogs cornering a deer; a Chesapeake Bay dog ret...
15) 0314 cat.1004-01-WABI-59 Hunter's Breakfast
Old Town: Rotary Club outdoor breakfast event including people standing in food line, CU food, men serving, big pots on brick fires, people standing next to fire, women dancing,...
15) 0332 cat. 0019-12-WABI-61 Hunter Rescue
Search party finds hunter, who is taken away on stretcher. Searchers interviewed by WABI.
24) 0385 cat. 0067-15-WABI-63 Search for Missing Hunter
Search for a missing hunter named Jellison including shots of the road, people preparing for search, a food mobile, the Penobscot County Sheriff's Department.
6) 0386 cat. 0069-04-WABI-63 Finding of Jellison
Missing hunter Jellison is found. Shots of search vehicles, roads, and woods.
13) 0398 cat. 0077-14-WABI-64 Fred Reeves Sno Travelers Film
Reeves' hunting trip featuring Sno Travelers, campsite.
28) 0691.0001 [Mahlon Walsh--home movies] Reel 1
Amateur: two men using two-horse plow. Flowers and birdbath. Lengthy segment of person in beekeeping clothing using bee sprayer or smoker. Lupine flowers. Poorly focused flower ...
2) 0714.0002 [Dr. A.K. Schuster--home movies] Little Log Cabin in the Northern Pines
Amateur story film called 'The Little Log Cabin in the Northern Pines' by Dr. A.K. Schuster of New Haven, CT, a dentist who came to Brownville, Maine, with his daughter, Frances...
28) 0731.0003 [Keppelman--home movies] Wyoming 1932
NHF cataloguer's notes for cat. 5461-03: Includes intertitles. Beginning credits show who plays what roles in trip. Map showing route for journey to west. Intertitle: 'At Valley...
16) 0737.0006 [Abbott family--home movies] Reel 06
NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96, for REEL 6: (5 min.) Boys all in uniform of white oxford shirts under black sweaters with gray pants, walking in snow. Snowball thrown across camer...
14) 0752.0014 Warner Pathe News: Volume 3, Number 4
Warner Pathe classroom newsreel series. This Volume/Number contains: 'Ike on the Job'; 'New Jet Record'; 'Trygve Lie Resigns'; 'The Hot War: Indo-China, Korea'; 'NATO Maneuvers'...
14) 0759.0021 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 21
Snapping turtle, new car, hunting party, after 1938.;A snapping turtle. A car driving in loops. A group of men pose in front of a hanging deer. A man with a camera. Shots of various men. Dragging the deer down the front steps and ...
11) 0759.0023 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 23
Hunting party on Pinnacle, Helen Peaco, Peter Laban, racing on ice by Outpost.;Three men, one with a fox skin around his shoulders. People and dogs outdoors. Deer, a raccoon and a fox hanging from a barn. Shots of various men. Dogs. Men with guns. Dead ani...
15) 0759.0033 [Margaret Cummings Bean--home movies] Reel 33
'Big reel, pre 1938, ice fishing and cape scenes, other.';People on a frozen lake. Dogs playing. A man with a fish. Three people outside an ice fishing shack. A man pulling a fish up through a hole in the ice. Men gathered around a fir...
67) 0762.0026 [Edward M. Graham, Sr.--home movies] Reel 26
Home movies of fishing and hunting in Maine. NHF cataloguer's notes below. (Reel notes from donor are in brackets; reel numbers are donor-assigned.) Reel 26: [Square Lake. Troll...
17) 0762.0027 [Edward M. Graham, Sr.--home movies] Reel 27
Home movies of fishing and hunting in Maine. NHF cataloguer's notes below. (Reel notes from donor are in brackets; reel numbers are donor-assigned.) Reel 27: [East Brach Penobsc...
18) 0762.0028 [Edward M. Graham, Sr.--home movies] Reel 28
Men walking through woods with paddles and packs. Man in water standing in canoe. Women in hat and scarf on shore sharing drinks and jokes with men. CU of man smiling and smokin...;Home movies of fishing and hunting in Maine. NHF cataloguer's notes below. (Reel notes from donor are in brackets; reel numbers are donor-assigned.) Reel 28: [Moosehead Lake 193...
19) 0780.0032 [Sawyer--home movies] Reel 032
NHF cataloguer's notes as follows (box/reel notes in quotes, reel numbers are NHF-assigned). Reel 32: 'Gulf stream ; no date'. Length: :57. b&w.;Shots of a camp in a field. Man shooting a rifle or shotgun. Old wooden bridge and old cars.
20) 0791.0002 Downeast Ringneck
1962 edge code on film. // State film about pheasant conservation and state hunting management areas. Footage of pheasant hatchery, eggs and chicks, and explanation of hatchery ...
15) 0803.0001 [Harold B. Neal--home movies] Reel 1
Original title from donor for Reel 1: 'Children at West Lebanon, Me. Approx. 1932, b&w.' NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96 for Reel 1: West Lebanon, Me. Four men exiting tent. Young ...
22) 0813.0358 Hunting Season Ending
News story dated 11-29-60. Six or eight hunters walking through woods.
23) 0813.0361 Bucknam with New Plan for Rearing Pheasants
News story dated 01-06-61. Men and dogs hunting.
17) 0813.0635 [Largest Bear Ever Captured]
Interview with man named Jack about the size of the largest bear ever captured, called the ìBlack Fury.î Bear was taken in Alaska region and measured over 13 feet tall based on ...
36) 0822.0013 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 13
Home made mini bike April 1968 Buddy “Tote Gote Lane”? riding Susie – Tim in Yard Strung up deer is our backyard;A man and a toddler riding a motorized scooter. Same scene, different season. A boy and the toddler riding the scooter. The boy riding the scooter. A dead deer hanging from a tr...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 13 (1968): -Buddy Lane and Suzie Lane on scooter – next door, then Joe Lane and Suzie Lane -Deer in tree next door -Joe and Tim Lane, Susan -Neighborhood...
6) 0822.0024 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 24
Deep Sea Fishing + Duck Hunting canoeing ; fishing duck hunting – looks like Dennis [illegible] deep sea fishing – Davis Dr. the girls G at some shore camp Nova Scotia S.C.S tri...;A river or lake. A man in a canoe. A man plucking a dead duck. People in a boat. Boxes of fish. Men fishing. Reeling in a shark. People on the boat. A boy holds up a fish. Men a...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 24 -Dennis Erinakis cleaning duck -Ocean fishing with Larry Long (yellow slicker) and his two sons -Pat and Bob Perkowsky (in yellow dress), friends of G...
15) 0822.0039 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 39
Unidentified men Canoeing and camping;A river. Two people in a canoe, paddling against the current. An animal carcass in the grass. Trucks and an RV parked on the side of the road. Three men around a campfire. Truck...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 39 (1966): -Fishing trip with buddies; Lou Parlin in red jacket (?); also Hunting trip
28) 0835.0003 [Hunting in Quebec]
Label on can: 'Quebec # 4.' // Agfa film stock, b&w negative. // Hunting footage with intertitles
29) 0835.0004 [Gaspe # 3]
Label on can: 'Gaspe Reel # 3.' // Apparently same intertitles as 0835.0002.
30) 0835.0005 Big Game Hunting in Quebec
Date from edge code on film. // Label on can: 'Gaspe Reel # 1.' // Slight vinegar odor - 04/2005. // Beavers at beaver farm?
31) 0835.0006 [Gaspe #2]
Date from edge code on film. // Label on can: 'Gaspe # 2.' // Slight vinegar odor - 04/2005.
32) 0835.0007 [Gaspe #4]
Date from edge code on film. // Label on can: 'Gaspe # 4.'
33) 0835.0008 [Gaspe #2/Quebec #3]
Dupont film stock // Label on can: 'Gaspe # 2. Quebec Reel 3.'
34) 0835.0009 [Moose Hunt]
Dupont film stock // Label on can: 'Moose Hunt.'
34) 0835.0010 Outdoors with Bob Edge, Reel 2
Dupont film stock. // Label on can: 'Outdoors with Bob Edge Reel No. 2 Prevost.'
36) 0835.0011 Big Game Hunting in Quebec
Dupont film stock. // Label on can: 'Outdoors with Bob Edge - Big Game Hunting in Quebec.' Title on film: 'Big Game Hunting in Quebec.' // Duck and beaver hunt. Beavers at beave...
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