Apostle Islands to Port Arthur--Dassler family--home movies. Reels 11-12

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1938 – 1939
NHF cataloguer's notes, 2/96 for Reels 11 and 12: Note: First five minutes (approx.) of reel 11 are generally in poor focus and dimly lit. Sunrise over lake waters,cabin cruiser at dock; light house and other buildings on shore; water eroded rock formations forming shoreline; stormy lake waters breaking on dock; older adults (man and woman) in stern of cabin cruiser with spaniel dog; dog begs at door of cabin hold and is finally allowed entry; Indian reservation along lake shore depicting a few frame buildings; wildflowers, some in c.u.; porcupine climbing a palisaded wall; footage taken from dock of various yachts, smaller inboard crafts on bay waters with hilly, wooded shores in background; two men in nautical dress (uniform) stroll along dock adjacent to cabin cruiser; crane loading/unloading cargo at base of light house(vertical pan of light house); woman entering grove of white birches; dog at play in field of daisies; abandoned mining site; large boiler tanks, rusting flywheels, mining timbers in overgrown brush and trees; cabin cruiser speeding across bay; wildflowers, c.u. of lillies; boy sailing 1-2 person sailboat in bay; family dining aboard cabin cruiser; medium shot of older woman in print dress, pearls and hat; panoramic shot of islands in bay at sunset; formal, ornamental flower gardens at Port Arthur, on shore of Lake Superior,numerous close- ups of flowers; panoramic overview of Port Arthur; extensive waterfalls; two teen-aged boys stand at observation railing with waterfalls filling background of frame; commercial ore barge, 'National Steel Corporation' printed on side of vessel; camera pans length of vessel and pulls away; stringing of new fishing net (activity set in boat yard); reel ends with rural railway stop; tracks set among wooded hills; passengers await train (dimly lit footage).

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