Dassler, Lee Collection

Dassler, Lee Collection
Credit: Lee Dassler Collection, Northeast Historic Film. Mount Rushmore, 1940.
[Dassler--home movies], 95-40
56 film reels and 3 audio reels
1934 – 1972
Isle Royale National Park, MI
Lake Superior
Michigan, US
Yellowstone National Park, MT
New York, US
Alaska, US
Mississippi, US
Florida, US
Hawaii, US
Colorado, US
Credit: Dassler family home movies. Excerpt from “Dassler-Lichte wedding, Cornell University, home at 307 Arbor Lane.” 8 mm. film. From the Lee Dassler Collection at Northeast Historic Film, Bucksport, ME. MP4 video, 3:20.
The Lee Dassler Collection contains fifty-five reels of 8 mm. film, one reel of 16 mm. film, and three audio reels shot and recorded primarily by her father, John Carl Dassler, between 1934 and 1972. The home movie collection depicts the extended Dassler family over several decades, through documentation of family events and celebrations, including weddings, holidays, and birthdays, but also through scenes of family members at home, seen reading, dining, sewing, listening to the radio, or playing with the dog. The family recorded their many trips to Isle Royale in Michigan, and throughout the Great Lakes region on the cabin cruiser "Awinita," seen here from its construction and christening in 1936. Other highlights include travel throughout the United States and abroad, in particular a 1940 trip to the New York World's Fair and a 1954 Mediterranean cruise on the S.S. Jesse Lykes, compiled over three reels, with accompanying narration recorded on separate audio reels.
Lee Dassler is the Executive Director of the Western Foothills Land Trust in Norway, Maine.
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