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10) 0040.0001 Catholic Charities
3 commercials.
28) 0102.PC3 Catholic Charities
2 commercials.
6) 0141 [videotapes on religion, health, and education]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Various factual works with interviews...
7) 0142 [Interview with Joseph Millett]
35 tapes from Acc. 0140-0142 moved from Blue Hill to NHF, 7/2002. Individual tapes identified when possible, otherwise labeled '0140-0142'. Filmed conversation with Joseph Mille...
5) 0147.0001 Maine Catholics, 1920-24
Death of Bishop Louis S. Walsh. Cardinal Hayes arrives. Priests and 4th degree Knights of Columbus honor guard. Train arrives with Cardinal. Late Bishop in Bangor, May 30, 1920....
13) 0163.0001 The Seventh Day
Dated 6 Feb 1922. Drama: young New Yorkers who come by steam yacht up the coast of Maine and unwillingly visit the people of New Harbor. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.;MOMA accession number: 20531;This version was labeled as both a work print (on the leader) and release print (on the can). According to David Weiss, this print came from MOMA and originally had Czech intert...
7) 0284.0019 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 19
Views of the Colosseum and St. John's Cathedral, Hilda Davis gives men something to eat, doormen at the hotel Excelsior, poor exposures of the Pope's garden, Hilda with scarf-co...
33) 0284.0020 [Meyer Davis--home movies] Reel 20
Driving through the Italian Alps, views of St. Marks Square and the Cathedral, feeding doves, CU's of Italian children, Italian Police, the Bridge of Sighs, views of the Rialto,...
14) 0291.0009 Calcutta to Bangkok, 1936-1937--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 9
People making offerings. (?) Shots of a town street. Goats. Women carrying baskets on their heads. Beggars. Boats on a river. (Film changes to color) A temple. A garden. Boats o...;FROM Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine Jan. 22, 1939 to March 22nd Benares – To – Saigon Indo China Films to # 64 C Films 47 B+W Calcutta – Kali Temple River Tr...
10) 0291.0010 Bangkok to Angkor--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 10
Standing Buddha shrine. Monks washing beside a canal (klong). Panning shot of temple (wat) roof and klong. (Wat Benchamabophit, Bangkok, Thailand) Wat entrance with yaksha statu...;FROM Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine Jan. 22, 1939 to March 22nd Benares – To – Saigon Indo China Films to # 64 C Films 53 - C – Bangkok – Palace + Temple encl...
11) 0291.0011 Angkor to Peking, 1938-1939--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 11
A road. Musicians carrying instruments. Dancers performing in front of Angkor Wat. (Siem Reap, Cambodia) The Cambodian Royal Palace. (with French flags) A funeral procession. Mo...;FROM Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine Jan. 22, 1939 to March 22nd Benares – To – Saigon Indo China Films to # 64 C Films 62 C – Siem Reap = Pra Khom Pre Rup – P...
20) 0293 [Raymond Richard interview] Mainetide
Mayo interview of Reverend Raymond Richard regarding support group for people who have ended relationships. FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
6) 0293 Venture in Mission to Maine
Community service issues in Maine and their relationship to Maine Diocese. Opening includes discussion at Blaine House by Governor Joseph Brennan and others. Their voices accomp...
7) 0311 cat.1002-15-WABI-59 Christmas Party at Dow Air Force Base
Santa's distribution of gifts including him posing with children and nuns.
15) 0321 cat.1007-02-WABI-61 Pulse of the World -- Show 11
Show with Reverend Robert C. Graves in which he talks about world and U. S. news, a White House breakfast, and Communism. Sponsored by Shop 'n Save.
26) 0328 cat. 0018-15-WABI-60 Episcopal Church Ceremony
Ceremony at St. John's Episcopal Church. Procession led by man with cross, followed by women's choir, robed men, men in suits, Reverend.
3) 0335 cat. 0025-03-WABI-62 All
A fire at All Soul's Church at night. Shots inside the church steeple and front door. Fire fighters inside and out fighting the fire. LS of church.
31) 0336 cat. 0024-04-WABI-61 St. John's Episcopal Church
Bangor : Shots of church and its Reverend John Brett Fort. Shots of church, organ player, night shot, and shots of Freeses on Main St.
5) 0342 cat. 0030-21-WABI-61 Pulse of the World
Reverend Robert G. Graves with guest, Assistant Secretary of State for Congressional Affairs, Brooks Hayes, was congressman from Arkansas for 17 years. Graves asks how he feels ...
20) 0343 cat. 0029-24-WABI Columbia Street Baptist Church
Columbia Street Baptist Church sign.
36) 0344 cat. 0028-04-WABI-61 Pulse of the World, program 1
Reverend Robert G. Graves is host. Guest, Dr. Bob Pierce, president of World Vision, Inc., who has travelled the world. Graves asks Pierce about how other countries view the Uni...
24) 0344 cat. 1010-10-WABI-61 Pulse of the World
Show with Reverend Robert G. Graves as host including guest Dr. Bob Pierce, president of World Vision, Inc. Discussion of other countries' attitudes toward United States, our im...
22) 0352 cat. 1019-20-WABI-62 St. Joseph's Hospital Groundbreaking
Event including nuns and priests offering blessings. Using incense.
24) 0354 cat. 0047-16-WABI-62 Democratic Convention in Waterville
Waterville: Convention at Elk's Club includes Central Fire Station exterior, YMCA, First Congregational Church, Muskie, candidates, crowds.
25) 0358 cat. 0049-12-WABI-62 United Fund Parade
Parade including Jewish Council, YMCA, CYO, Eastern Maine Guidance Center, bands, Telstar replica displaying fund goal of $231,475.
23) 0364 cat. 0050-14-WABI-62 St. Joseph's Hospital Groundbreaking
Groundbreaking including nuns and priests at blessing of site, speeches by priests and others, incense ceremony.
27) 0385 cat. 0068-13-WABI-63 Lutheran Church
Three Lutheran ministers talk and look over some plans.
19) 0397 cat. 1034-02-WABI-64 Dr. Whittaker
Interview with Dr. Whittaker of Bangor Theological Seminary on a convocation for the 150th Anniversary of the Seminary's charter. Talks about events, expected crowd, significanc...
30) 0402 cat. 1037-09-WABI-64 Macrae and Honan
Father Honan talks about Pierre Monteux's transfer of his immense musical and conducting knowledge to his students.
30) 0403 cat. 0086-10-WABI-64 Jehovah's Witnesses
Jehovah's Witnesses household visit including the couple approaching the door, knocking, being admitted, and speaking to a woman.
14) 0403 cat. 1037-18-WABI-64 Macrae and Honan
Father Honan gives tribute to Conductor Pierre Monteux. MCU of Honan.
32) 0404 cat. 0087-24-WABI-64 Church First Shovel
Beginning of groundbreaking ceremony at Redeemer Lutheran Church site including crowd, sign, site.
33) 0406 cat. 1034-01-WABI-64 Reverend Stevens for United Fund
Reverend of All Souls Congregational Church asks for gifts to Bangor-Brewer United Fund, talks of loving thy neighbor, quotes from Gospel According to Luke.
34) 0407 cat. 0076-09-WABI-64 Dr. Whittaker
Interview with Dr. Whittaker of Bangor Theological Society regarding celebration to honor 150th anniversary of society's charter.
35) 0408 cat. 0077-17-WABI-64 Easter Sunday
People leaving Sunday Mass in Easter outfits.
36) 0413 cat. 0084-17-WABI-64 Macrae and Honan
Interview with Father Honan by Johnnie Macrae regarding late conductor Pierre Monteux's career including: Monteux's age at death, talent. greatness as conductor, stories about M...
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