Calcutta to Bangkok, 1936-1937--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 9

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1936 – 1937
People making offerings. (?) Shots of a town street. Goats. Women carrying baskets on their heads. Beggars. Boats on a river. (Film changes to color) A temple. A garden. Boats on a river. A temple. Buddhist monks walking past a lion statue. Buddhist temples. Stupas. Lion statues. Buddhist statues. Houses with thatch roofs. Shot of a road. Four Seated Buddha Shrine, Kyaikpun Pagoda, Myanmar. Lion statues at a temple entrance. Women working. Metal workers. Men carving statues of Buddha. Row boats on the water. A woman making an umbrella/parasol. A pagoda. Sailboats on the water. Town and temples seen from the water. Buildings and palm trees along the shore. Rubber trees being tapped. Shots of boats on the river. Houses. Moving packages on the pier. Pagoda on the water. Shore seen through a porthole. Shots of the river from a boat. [End of Reel]
FROM Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine Jan. 22, 1939 to March 22nd Benares – To – Saigon Indo China Films to # 64 C Films 47 B+W Calcutta – Kali Temple River Traffic – Rangoon Sule Pagoda etc. 48 C. – Rangoon : Sule Pagoda priests (illegible) Village Pagoda etc. 49 – B+W = Rangoon – Metal and marble workers Pegu – Potter, old woman Pegu – Cigar workers – 50 B+W = Rangoon harbor 51 – C - Rangoon – etc to Bangkok (illegible) – drive – snakes 52 – B+W = harbor

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