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4) 0003.0001 [Holman Day outtakes]
About 75 scenes, outtakes from several Holman Day Productions. Slates throughout read 'H. Day Prods., Carle/Gandolfi' with various scene and take numbers. Reel is not organized ...
1) 0010.0001 Winter and Auto Trip Around Gaspé Peninsula--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 10
Viewing notes from VHS, February 2012. No slate at head of access copy. Views from train of river in winter, people standing by ice dam. At Greenville, Maine, train station...
2) 0133.0002 Trout Fishing, Rangeley Lakes
Dated October 1906. Made for the New England Forest, Fish and Game Assoc. 'The subject is a trip to a fishing camp by train, boat and pack route. All the necessary operations to...;Title: ‘1573’, ‘TROUT FISHING RANGELEY LAKES. American Mutoscope & Biograph 1906 H71525’. Intertitle: ‘A Trout Fishing Trip To The Rangeley Lakes. Copyrighted 1906, BY THE A...
6) 0147.0001 Maine Catholics, 1920-24
Death of Bishop Louis S. Walsh. Cardinal Hayes arrives. Priests and 4th degree Knights of Columbus honor guard. Train arrives with Cardinal. Late Bishop in Bangor, May 30, 1920....
5) 0154.0001 St. Croix Bridge, Vanceboro
Single newsreel story about German saboteur's attempt to destroy international railroad bridge at Vanceboro, Maine. Pan and CU of men walking across bridge with peaveys. Site wh...
8) 0252.0060 [Howard Kane--home movies] Reel 60
NHF notes as follows. Can/reel/box annotations appear in quotes. Reel 60: (300 ft., dc 1934) 'West Indies, South America cruise #3.' 'Up the Andes by train.' Caracas. Down to La...
31) 0290.0012 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 12
Amateur: Pan of mountain. Hawk's Nest overlook sign. Aerial shot of train. Pan of mountains. Bridge shot from boat. Other boats. Snowy residential street and trees. Cars. Box #1...
23) 0290.0020 [Frank Nash--home movies] Reel 20
Amateur: Very shaky shots of woman standing with baby and others in yard. Poor exposures. Baby crawling. Couple helping small girl to walk. Car. Adults clamming. Train approachi...
15) 0307 cat. 1001-10-WABI-54 Last Steam Locomotive
Bangor: Engine 470 steaming into Bangor train yard including brakeman and engineer checking wheels and adding water to engine.
18) 0318 cat.0013-05-WABI-58 Train Derailment North Maine
Northern Maine: Train derailment. Shots of engine off track, engineers surveying damage, damage, train pulled back onto track.
11) 0325 cat. 0018-07-WABI-60 MCRR 1st Freight Service
Christening ceremony for Maine Central Railroad's new Freight Express. Shots include christening by woman and engineer looking from his station as train pulls out.
12) 0336 cat. 1009-03-WABI-61 Bangor & Aroostook Pickup and Delivery
Ad including train pulling past camera, man backing up a truck and dropping off a crate, more footage of train rolling by.
13) 0336 cat. 1009-04-WABI-61 Mr. Gordon Robertson
Robertson speaks on railroads, including Bangor & Aroostook Railroad.
25) 0336 cat. 1009-05-WABI-61 Bangor & Aroostook Pickup and Delivery
Commercial: composite master copy of commercial about Bangor & Aroostook Railroad's free pickup and delivery service. Same as 1009-03.
3) 0338 cat. 0025-14-WABI-61 B & A Railroad
17) 0339 cat. 0026-06-WABI-61 Plane Crash at Dow
Crash at Air Force Base with plane stranded on train tracks.
17) 0342 cat. 0031-04-WABI-61 B & A Train
Shots of man standing by railroad tracks, train rolling by, men at the Paul Bunyan statue, food.
24) 0343 cat. 0029-09-WABI-61 Train Hits Car
Driver hit by train is fatally injured. Shots of car, train.
19) 0343 cat. 0030-02-WABI-61 Maine Potato Queen
Queen arrives on train, door opens to reveal her seated on throne. She meets reporters, receives flowers.
20) 0345 cat. 0031-14-WABI-62 Train and Car Collision at Veazie
Collision scene shots include damaged car, railroad tracks, police officer.
22) 0360 cat. 0050-07-WABI-62 Train-Car Accident in Bucksport
Collision damage including car's severed front end, car interior, and point of view shot from a car driving through accident site over train tracks.
22) 0363 cat. 0044-13-WABI-61 Demolition of Union Station
Bangor: Demolition scenes include men working on building and tower, river's edge.
23) 0363 cat. 0044-16-WABI Union Station Tower
Bangor: Downtown shots include Union Station Tower, 'Spalding Headquarters -- Official Outfitters of Schools and Teams,' a panorama of one part of city.
33) 0374 cat. 1026-15-WABI-62 Train Accident in Veazie
Veazie: Accident scene including car damaged by train, tracks, police officer.
25) 0380 cat. 0062-12-WABI-63 Accident at Railroad (Connors)
Men talk by railroad cars at accident site.
24) 0387 cat. 1029-06-WABI-63 Railroad Strike
Interview with railroad official Durant by George Redpath regarding strike set for the evening and union-management relations in local area.
27) 0388 cat. 0064-13-WABI-63 Railroad Yards
Train yard including trains, tracks, train car flatbed, the station.
28) 0389.0009 [Last Mail Train to Bangor]
Footage shot by WABI for news report on the mail train's last trip to Bangor. Features scenes of workers in mailroom sorting and filing envelopes, the Maine Central freight trai...
9) 0398 cat. 1035-02-WABI-64 Potatoes Week
Dunn speaking on Maine potato industry including workers, potato's image. Also shots of a train pulling into junction with a woman engineer who gets out and presents suited men ...
30) 0408 cat. 0078-08-WABI-64 Potatoes Week
Mr. Dunn discussion of Maine potato industry including potato farmers, potato's image, a woman engineer pulling a train into junction and presenting men with bags of potatoes.
1) 0432 cat. 1044-04-WABI-65 [Volkswagen Beetle Accident]
Car appears to have been hit by a train. MS and LS of car and LS of train tracks and parked vehicles.
32) 0439 cat. 1048-20-WABI-66 Geodetic Survey
USC&G surveying of land including three men working beside train track.
33) 0450 cat.1055-15-WABI-67 Telejournal Looks at Expo '67 -- Part 1
Montreal: World's Fair scenes including reporters arriving in Montreal, 'Man and His World' exhibit as seen from moving vehicle, a ship, various international exhibits, a monora...
34) 0450 cat. 1057-22-WABI-67 Maine Central Railroad Hauls Off Junk Cars
Train leaves Maine to take junked cars to Massachussetts.
35) 0451 cat. 1059-20-WABI-67 Belfast & Moosehead Railroad Tour
Belfast & Moosehead sign. Pan of wooded area. Train full of passengers. Spectator. Man walking along tracks.
7) 0453 cat. 1061-21-WABI-67 End Rack Pulp Wood Cars at Bangor & Aroostook Railroad
WABI Reporter (Gordon?) with Mr. Swill of the B & A talking about the new pulp wood cars: their loading, cost ($17,000/each), uses, and railroad's future. Discuss route of the B...
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