[Holman Day outtakes]

Kennebec River, Maine
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About 75 scenes, outtakes from several Holman Day Productions. Slates throughout read 'H. Day Prods., Carle/Gandolfi' with various scene and take numbers. Reel is not organized by film, different takes intermixed. Outtakes from My Lady O' The Pines. Woman in lumberyard [Mary Astor]. Two men at riverbank wearing boater hats. Wall of lumber. Lumberyard, various scenes. Man lies on ground, Astor wipes his head. Man on river uses pick pole. Little boy with basket. Man in boater hat with cigar. Outtakes from Wings of the Border, excerpts transferred to VHS & 3/4': Adventures of Vagabond [Bradley Barker]. WS of Barker and pilot talking in field. WS shack with two men out front while household items are thrown out of door. Front porch of house and train tracks, railroad station. Passenger train approaches and stops at station. MS of men talking outside shack, items thrown from window. MCU Governor Percival Baxter. Barker in Augusta. Fountain, Barker drinks, several takes. Multiple takes of raging river, someone in water, swims to shore. WS two men on hillside, pointing down to wooded valley. MS Barker in car with a driver. Traveling shot, Barker talking with driver in car, multiple takes. MS river bank, Barker walking through woods along shore, picks up rucksack. More takes of Barker in car talking with driver. LS town with big house in background. Policeman directs traffic. Barker approaches policeman and also directs traffic. Scond take, Barker talks with policeman, walks down street. CU Barker talking, river in BG. Barker holds hat and walks through halls [in state house?, some emulsion damage]. MCU Barker, trees BG, smiling and talking. WS Barker in a store, talks with storekeeper. Fur pelts hanging on pole in FG. MS Barker seated under tree, smiling. MS Barker selling fur pelts in store. Barker seated with a dog, writing letter with paper resting on dog's back. WS Barker holding rifle, with dog, gesturing, trees in BG. MCU, iris, man seated eating sandwich. MCU Barker & girl [Mary Astor], Barker holding violin, girl cringing. WS Barker and dog seated under tree, Barker writing [emulsion damage], gestures and talks with dog. WS girl [Mary Astor] kneeling and praying beside dog. Dog pats her arm with paw. Man and girl [Mary Astor] walk together, turn toward camera. Barker being restrained by man. Barker and pilot in field, watch dog run. WS Barker and dog on hillside, Barker dragging pack, three takes. MCU Barker in airplane, looking down. MCU pilot in plane, with slate. WS Barker in store buying supplies. WS Governor Percival Baxter.standing beside slate. WS Governor Baxter walks into office and closes door, two takes. Barker sits down in a field eating lunch. Barker talking with pilot. Barker and dog in woods. Train comes into station. Barker on Maine State House steps talks with guard and is sent away. Various scenes of Barker at statehouse. Governor Baxter in his office seated at desk. MS Baxter at desk. Remainder not transferred as of 2/2000: Various scenes of men in canoe. (Possibly outtakes from Cupid, Registered Guide.) Child dances, child bounces on draft horse. Man runs up to corner of a cabin exterior, sets fire to it and runs away. Man in white hat and suit climbs into airplane. Barker in front seat of plane, pilot in back seat. Pan of crowd. Outtakes from Brother of the Bear: Man and bear, (Huntley Gordon and Bananas II). Bear in chair. Young man and girl on bench. Various scenes of bear in woods, looking at child, on chair in cabin. Gordonicks it. Bear at table. Girl with hat stands up. Two men talk on telephone. Poker game, four men and a woman. Four women outside in dresses and hats. Hotel, front porch and stairs. Various scenes outside hotel. Outtakes from Brother of the Bear, cabin, MCU of Mary Astor. Bear. Man throws bed roll in canoe and pushes canoe away from shore. People on front steps of hotel. Man with gun and men with barrels on their shoulders. Man in store or office picks up ledger and throws it down. Two story house with exterior stairs to second floor. Mill, man with peavey. Girl with bows. Two men carry a body. Old man in front of fireplace. Man with pickaroon. Man puts on backpack, lifts barrel. Man with gun gives him instructions. Two men by tree. Man in tree climbs down. Man reads paper, crumples it up. Edna May Sperl talks to old man in front of fire. Man with bandaged head. Man and woman talk to man seated by stone chimney. Sperl and Jones meet outside in snow. CU Sperl and Jones. Sperl with headband and Sperl with bandaged head. Store, pelts hanging. Man on soapbox talks to crowd. Reverse angle. Man points to heaven, people fall to their knees. Telephone nailed to a tree. Poker game. Woman runs. Two men talking in front of row of lanterns. Mary Astor in rocking chair with dog Barker with cross. Horse. MCU man on phone. Man lies on ground. Group outside, same location as soapbox scene. Young man and woman on bench. Man in canoe. MCU blonde man. Bear. Woman in white in front of hotel. Young couple. Steps of hotel, guide and guests, man with gun. Two men talking, one tries to break the other one's arm. Man in tree. Bear. Man in tree, bear climbs tree. LS man in tree. House, dissolves to woman sewing. Man with stick pounds on table. Barker to soapbox area. Jones and Sperl at stone fireplace. Man with bandaged head. One-horse carriage. Library. Man jumping around in snow. Man looks out window. Forest, mill? Girl in front of hotel. Bear. Cabin. Man cuts wood. Case of dynamite. Railroad station. Mary Astor and man ride in car, both wearing hats. Man in office looks at ledgers, clipboard.

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