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8) 0227.0006 River Run
Forest management, the Machias River watershed and the log drive. // Logs travel down Machias River to Whitneyville where a large saw-mill owned by Lester Crane was operating.
5) 0241.0001 Our White Pine Heritage
Very splicey and moderate perf damage at head. // History of white pines and how they are used in construction, papermaking, etc.
2) 0306 cat. 0004-02-WABI-57 Governor Edmund S. Muskie Inauguration
Augusta: Edmund Muskie's inaugural speech as governor of Maine includes Maine's natural resources, the farm economies, fish and game, forests and clean water, fair labor laws, c...
3) 0316 cat.0011-01-WABI-60 Forestry Service Olamon
State Forest Nursery: Young trees are moved to other planting ground. Scenes include removal, bundling and transportation of trees. Also Smoky the Bear talking, a stump costume,...
15) 0337 cat. 0023-04-WABI-61 101 B Crash
Recovery of crashed 101 Bomber. Shots of search party, crash site, forest, wreckage.
6) 0353 cat. 1020-20-WABI-62 Fire Tower on Bald Mountain
Shots of fire tower including man climbing up it and looking at view through binoculars, pans of the countryside, Maine Forest Service Fire Control man talking on his car radio,...
7) 0364 cat. 0051-08-WABI-62 Fire Tower on Bald Mountain
Man climbs steps of Fire Tower on Bald Mountain and looks at view. Shots include MS profile of him looking through binoculars, pans of landscape, MS and CU of Maine Forest Servi...
8) 0452 cat. 1060-02-WABI-67 Forestry Building Construction Report #1
Construction of foundation. Shots of parts of work site, workers. Overhead shots from near-by building.
15) 0453 cat. 1061-21-WABI-67 End Rack Pulp Wood Cars at Bangor & Aroostook Railroad
WABI Reporter (Gordon?) with Mr. Swill of the B & A talking about the new pulp wood cars: their loading, cost ($17,000/each), uses, and railroad's future. Discuss route of the B...
20) 0667.0001 Put 'er There: A Directional Felling Program
Safety techniques for loggers including notching and felling rules.
24) 0668 [Compilation Maine State Museum Logging Films]
2 tapes: compilation of logging films. Cassette label says locations include Greenville and Allagash. Label lists names Nick Cunliffe, Allagash 1920s (1937), Pete Sawyer, and E....
8) 0695.0001 Winter Sports in the White Mountain National Forest
Recreational sports including skiing, sledding and snowshoeing in New Hampshire. Opens with map of New England including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Massachusetts, ...
49) 0791.PC6 Our Magic Land
Relationship between soil and other resources of forests, wildlife and water. Story told to a group of young people.
20) 0791.PC9 Eternal Forest
No description available
21) 0791.PC10 Fence in the Water
16) 0813.0483 [View of Forest from Plane]
News story dated 10-26-68.
17) 0822.0029 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 29
Tree Harvester, R. Strong – bag pipes, Trips to Nova Scotia. Tree Harvesting in Nova Scotia Roy Strong – bog pipes Gladys with La Flamme boys;People walking through the woods, after a machine stripping branches and cutting down trees. A lighthouse. A building with ‘B.Y.C.’ on the front. A woman walking through a parki...;Reel 29 (1969): -Nova Scotia visiting friends(?)
12) 0822.0035 [Gladys Steputis--home movies] Reel 35
Forest Sailing Trips, U of Mass ‘70 Forest Soils Conference U. of Mass. 1970 lobster boats;People seated on a railing along the edge of a beach. People gathered in the woods. Campus buildings. Fernald Hall (University of Massachusetts Amherst). People in the woods. A ...;[From Susan Wells] Reel 35 -Forest Service Conference UMO campus or Univ. of Pennsylvania campus(?) -fishing boat (don’t know where)
4) 0836.0004 [Protect Young Growth Titles]
Donor's titles in quotes: 'Experimental film on Process work with Brown Company Woods 'Seal', Save the Young Growth, etc., 1949.' // Box captions: 'Work done on notes of June 7 ...
5) 0836.0005 [The Forest and The Woodsman--outtakes]
Donor's titles in quotes: 'The Forest and the Woodsman (footage).' // Box captions: 'Oct 1953. Traveling truck etc. Long log at Dumner[?] yard. ...for introduction material for ...
4) 0836.0006 [It's Not the Axe, It's Joe--rough cut]
Donor's titles in quotes: 'First version (no title) of Old Town, Maine, showing of 'It's Not the Axe, It's Joe.'' // Box captions: 'First version (no titles) we took to Old Town...
9) 0836.0009 [unidentified woods film--outtakes]
Box captions: 'Aug 7th, 1962. 'A.' Copy. Br. Co. hen[?] woods film. Parts taken from film and new material added (not used). This dupe copy is same as in 400' can. List of scene...
12) 0836.0012 [Log Hauling Sequence]
Donor's titles in quotes: 'Hauling sequence from The Forest and the Woodsman.' // Box captions: 'Duplicate copy. Long log hauling sequence [?] use in The Forest and the Woodsman...
13) 0836.0013 [Peeling Spruce]
Box captions: 'Peeling spruce copy film. Dupe. Also sunset scene. See can #5 on filed material for original film.' // Footage of peeling pulp and sunset. // Date from edge code ...
22) 0836.0022 Trees for Tomorrow
Title on film: 'Trees for Tomorrow' 'Presented by American Forest Products Industries.' // Film has minor scratching, otherwise very good.
23) 0836.0023 Timber is a Crop
Title on film: 'Timber is a Crop.' // Box captions: 'This film is #7 copy of 'Timber is a Crop' made in 1945. Film is somewhat scratched and should only be used for study.' // F...
24) 0836.0024 [Pulpwood for Today and Tomorrow--negative]
Title on film: 'Pulpwood for Today and Tomorrow.' // Negative with optical soundtrack. // 1946 date code on film. // Edge damage at head and tail needs repair.
25) 0836.0025 [Your Cord of Wood--picture negative]
Title on film: 'Your Cord of Wood.' // This is a silent pic negative. // Transferred at 15 fps. // 1945 date code on film. // Formerly labeled 'Reel 26.'
26) 0836.0026 [Your Cord of Wood--soundtrack]
Optical sound track for 'Your Cord of Wood.' // 1948 date code on film. // Formerly called 'Reel 27.'
27) 0836.0027 Your Cord of Wood
Title on film: 'Your Cord of Wood.' // Box captions: 'Sound (trial) version 1948.' // Optical soundtrack. // Formerly called 'Reel 25.'
28) 0836.0028 It's Not the Axe, It's Joe [French Version]
Title on film: 'It's Not the Axe, It's Joe.' // Optical soundtrack, in French. // Film also has Ansco stock. // Formerly 'Reel 29.'
31) 0836.0031 It Pays to be Trained
'It Pays to be Trained.' // English soundtrack. // Film has twist throughout. // Credits on film: Presented by 'The Woodlands Section of the Canadian Pulp and Paper Association....
36) 0836.0033 The Forest and the Woodsman
The Forest and the Woodsman. // Date from edge code - may be 1961. // Fomerly: 'Reel 33.'
34) 0836.0034 [Transportation of Pulpwood--soundtrack]
NHF transfer notes: Transportation of Pulpwood. // Optical sound track only. // Formerly: 'Reel 34.'
35) 0836.0035 Helpful Hints in Preparing Pulpwood
Title on film: 'Helpful Hints in Preparing Pulpwood.' // Donor's label: 'Helpful Hints in Pulpwood Cutting.' // Label on leader: 'Orig. Koda.' // Dates from edge codes on film. ...
36) 0836.0036 [Helpful Hints in Preparing Pulpwood--soundtrack]
Opitcal soundtrack for Helpful Hints in Preparing Pulpwood. // Label on leader: 'Pos. Trk - Helpful Hints Pulpwood.' // Date from edge code on film. // Formerly: 'Reel 36.'
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