[Charles B. Hinds—home movies] Reel 81

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From Logbook: Snow scenes at 27 Chadwick Street. W.H. Shurtleff fire on Union Wharf Larry and Sally and Betty Bisbee at the Bisbee's for winter sports. Wadsworth Raye, Larry, A.W.H., and George Raye leaving 27 Chadwick Street for winter sports at the Bisbee's. Winter sports at the Bisbee's, Wadsworth and George Raye, Larry, Mary and Bill Ireland, Betty and Eleanor Bisbee and A.W.H. at Eastport, Maine. Mary Wadsworth at stove, 22 Key Street, H.H. Wadsworth in living room on his 89th. Birthday, H.H.W., A.W.H. Mary and Rene Wadsworth and Helen Raye in front of 22 Key Street congratulating H.H.W. on his birthday also C.B.H. and Bing. Mary Wadsworth in kitchen, H.H.W. in living room. Boy Scouts at Worcester, Massachusetts A.W.H., Rene and Larry playing backgammon in sun parlor at 27 Chadwick Street Miss Skillin reading paper, A.W.H., Rene and Larry, C.B.., Rene and Miss. Skillin playing contract, Rene, Larry, Isabel & Sollit, A.W.H. and aunty in sun-parlor. Sis, Bayard and Edna DeMallie and Charles Jr. in sun parlor, Rene, Wadsworth Hinds and Sis getting in car at 27 Chadwick Street. Easter Sunday at 27 Chadwick Street. Spaulding, Betty and Eleanor Bisbee at front door, A.W.H., Rene Edna and Bayard at front door, Sis and Charles Jr. Leaving 27 Chadwick Street, Rene at front door, Sis and Charles Jr., A.W.H., Edna, Wadsworth, Bayard and Rene, Edna and Bayard together, A.W.H., A.W.H., Rene, Sis, Wadsworth Charles Jr. and Rene, Bayard saying good-by [sic] To A.W.H, A.W.H., Rene, Sis, Wadsworth and Miss Skillin at front door, Sis and Wadsworth. A.W.H. in front of house at 27 Chadwick Street on 21st. wedding anniversary, A.W.H. and C.B.H. in front of house, A.W.H. and Larry, Larry playing ball, C.B.H. A.W.H., Aunty, Miss Sollitt and C.B.H. at Grand Trunk Station to see Isabel off. Larry and Bobby…(text cut off.) Larry in his new sailor pants. Bennett and Bobby Porteous in bathing suits.

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