Family, 1958-1965--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 35

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1958 – 1965
Family: 1958-1965 1958, Essex: skating on pond - Coolidges, Sam, Steb, Bennets, Symes Christmas - Coolidges, Frannie, Aunt Dot, Harry, Faith, Elaine 1959: Sally, Smith - Washington D.C. 1959-1960, Essex: Debbie, puppies May 30th North Haven: Sam and Nancy 1961: St. Barts - Steb 1965, India: Sam, Nancy and Eve, Kishorelal, Shakur and families End of Steb's films
Family putting on skates at the edge of a pond. A little boy on skates pushes another little boy sitting in a chair across the ice. Barb holds a little girl’s (Linda) hand at they skate. Dog on the ice playing with Sam. Dorothy skates. Adults and children drink something hot. Christmas: A little boy (John) plays with a toy that shoots into the air. A girl (Linda?) with a hula hoop. Chet tries to hula hoop. The rest of the family comes into the yard (Hamilton, Barbara carrying Malcolm, Hope, and Sam). Hope tries to hula hoop. Sally hula hooping. More people arrive. Frannie (wearing a mink coat) talks to Sally in the yard. Dogs and children run around and play in the backyard. A couple people leave and the family waves at the door. Washington D.C.: A group of people on the street wave at the camera and a couple head for a taxi. Chet and Dorothy wave from a doorstep. North Haven: College girls? Sitting in chairs on a lawn reading and talking. A girl carrying a tray of food walks out a door followed by Sally, Sam, and Cynthia. Essex: Two spaniel puppies play together in the yard. Other dogs join them. Sam, Chet, Sally, and a woman come out of the house carrying stuff and put it in a car. Dorothy and a couple come out behind them. Two African American women and a man stand in front of the house. Chet and the dog join them. Dorothy talks to them. Chet and others sit together in the backyard. A boy with a baseball bat, and older boy throws him a ball. A woman leads a man toward a bunch of bananas hung in a tree. People lounging in the yard. A little boy picks up a soda and shakes the bottle before drinking it. People wave at the camera. Baseball game in a field with adults and kids. A man feeds a baby in a high chair in the yard. Family and friends in the yard. A woman sitting cross legged in the grass playing a banjo with a man sitting on a small table playing a guitar. Sunset over the water. Beach (there something black blocking the lower right hand corner of the image): Dorothy in a swimsuit walking to the water, and in the flowers. Some men and women on the beach. Dorothy in a swimsuit carrying a hat on the beach. A man with a donkey down by the water. Schooner. India, party in the backyard: Out of focus shot of a white woman wearing a yellow garland of flowers sitting on the ground with some children. Children on swings. Sam wearing a yellow flower garland talking to an Indian man. An Indian man and woman walk toward the camera. Children swinging. Sam and his wife Nancy carrying their daughter Eve. Soft focus shot of Chet, he walks toward the camera. [End of Reel]

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