Family, 1953-1957--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 32

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mid 1950s
Family 1953-1957 1953: Roque Island 195?: May 30th Baseball 1954: Essex - skating, Sam, Steb, Coolidges; Symes, Debbie 1956: North Haven- Coolidges, Panteleonies, Sally's friends, Valentines, Engie Syme, Rogers, Bennets, Mike 1957: Tara sailing - Chet, Holly, TIm, Nat, Harry Christmas - fire - Essex 1958: May 30th Tara sailing - Sally, Steb, Chet
A small sailboat. Sally and a friend on the deck of Tara. Sam in a sailor hat. A boat hauling a raft with horses. People on a pier. A baseball game in a field (played by kids and adults, including Chet and Sam). An Indian woman in a Sari walking up the driveway. Ice skating. Sam skates around and toward the camera. Dorothy skating. Hamilton Coolidge carrying a toddler (Linda or Hope) and a hokey stick. Dorothy skates toward camera. Men in a parking lot. Sally and her friends in the yard. Picnic with a group of people in the backyard. Men smoking and talking. Kids playing lawn tennis. Sailboat (Tara): Chet and two women on deck. A young boy (Tim) hides in a corner. Holly takes the hat off a small boy (Nat?). Hamilton and Barbara in a row boat with John and a baby in a bassinet. Hamilton shows the baby (Malcolm?) to the camera. Picnicking on an island. Family on a row boat heading back to the boat. Boat scenes. Fixing a twisted sail. Chet rowing to shore to pick up people. Coastal landscape. Chet on a bicycle. Men with picnic baskets on the beach. Chet on the boat. Dorothy and others picnicking. Coastal footage from the moving boat. Dorothy and a woman sitting in a motor boat. Sailing scenes. Children and a dog on the boat. A man (Sam) on the roof spraying water around the chimney with a woman (Sally) on a ladder holding the hose. A dog and puppies in the yard. Sam with a puppy. A young girl carrying a baby walks down to a pier with other people. The group gets into a row boat. Family at a park. Kids play baseball. People on the back patio at the house, sitting in chairs and talking. Dorothy, Sally, and Chet on Tara sailing. [End of Reel]

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