Stebbins Family and Friends, 1930--Dorothy Stebbins Bowles--home movies. Reel 7

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Stebbins Family (Ada, Harry, Frannie, Dorothy, and Grandma Hunt and Oohlah) and friends, 1930 Homes in Newton and Duxbury, Mass; Pop and Denny Green; Steb's movie-making gang: Steb and Roger Clapp; Motor trip to Canada; Someone's wedding; Steb with friends, Pop and Denny Green at their house in Rhode Island.
A man in shorts and a tank top (swimming suit) carrying a towel walks toward a house with a woman and a dog. Two women climb on porch rail getting something out of vines and plants that are growing on the house. An older woman in a fur-trimmed coat wearing pearls takes off her glasses and talks and smiles at the camera (Dorothy’s mother, Ada). A small white curly haired terrier (Oolah) runs around the lawn with a plant in its mouth. A woman (Dorothy’s sister Frances, or Frannie) uses a toy to get the dog to jump into a tree and back down. An older man and woman (Dorothy’s parents) in the garden. Ada and her mother (Dorothy’s grandmother), Florence Hunt, stand in the yard while Frannie runs around them with the dog. Ada and two other women sit on the porch. One is sewing. Dorothy’s father, Harry Bellows Stebbins, gets golf clubs out of car and runs at camera. Ada, in a cloche and twenties dress, retrieves her luggage from the car and runs at the camera. Ada sits on the pier with Oohla. Harry joins her and dives into the water. She slips in and the dog stands on a board out over the water. The man grabs the board. CU of Oolah. A woman puts on a swim cap and a young girl in a swim cap joins them. The young girl swimming and diving in the water. The dog plays in the marshy shore. People swim and dive off the pier. A very quick shot of Dorothy sitting on the pier. Dorothy and her friends getting into a car (Roger Clapp, Watson Smith, Ms. Hill, and another man). Dorothy wearing two hats. A woman and a baby. Friends shooting a scene from “Happy Days.” Roger Clapp pretends to shoot a rock that Watson throws in the air. Dorothy and the rest are dressed like bootleggers as Roger films them. An African American driver opens the car door and Dorothy gets out and ties a robe. CU on one of the men. Dorothy drives a car and parks it. Two men and two women sit on the porch and talk. A woman rolls up a paper and plays with the dog. Motor Trip to Canada. Family gets into the car. Harry, Ada, and Frannie at a picnic. Dorothy with her parents. Pan of the surrounding forest landscape. Dorothy, Ada, and Harry lounge on the blanket. They gather around the car. New scene: shots and a slow pan of town. Picnicking again next to the car. Swimming pool. Harry and Ada look at a water fall. Shot of the waterfall. CU of a cow. Dorothy poses by the car. A man in a three-piece suit with a drink and a cigarette does a little dance in the yard in front of the house. Same man dances around and feeds friends from a bowl. People come out of the house through the porch door and walk past the camera waving. A woman in a wedding dress smiles at the camera and kisses the groom. They climb into a car and the car drives away. Shots of wedding guests. Winter. A young man cutting firewood outside. Man drinks something out of a ladle and grimaces. Dorothy drinks from the ladle swishes it around and spits the liquid out. Man and woman (Ms. Hill?) walking in the snow. Ms. Hill plays with man on the ice. Roger Clapp shows a different woman how to shoot a gun. Roger and Ms. Hill on skies. They all try to ski down in a conga line and fall down, then they are successful. [End of Reel]

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