[Harold B. Neal--home movies] Reel 5

Massachusetts, United States
New England region
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circa 1940
Original title from donor for Reel 5: 'Begins with Frankenstein Ledges in the fall, Dorcas as drum major (Needham, Ma.) Oct. 12 trip, winter)' NHF cataloguer's notes, 1/96 for Reel 5: Autumn forest scenes. Locomotive cutting through forest. Boy on ground playing with puppy. Boys dressed in jeans playing football (Thanksgiving time). Apple trees heavy with apples. Sunset. Winter. Birch trees. Long icicles. River. Frost on trees. 'The end of the storm.' Summer waves on shore. Crashing up rockface. Needham marching band. Cheerleaders. Cartwheels. Baton twirling. Icicles on window of house. Sliding down roof of house to snowbank. Skiing. Sledding. Red sky after sunset. Silhouette of train cutting through frame. American flag.

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