[Albert Conley--home movies] Reel 10

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1934 – 1944
1934, 1935, 1944 edge codes on film. // Notes from film tag: 'Maine Colony; original house; Fire scenes in color and black & white' // 'Our Florida Home Sarasota.' Child dancing with croquet ball. Fixing porch. Boy with flamingo lawn ornamant. (38:00) Family with boat, tugging boat by hand. Woman in orange grove. Large birds nest in tree. Formal family gathering, at church, wedding? (41:00) Florida coast. Family gathering, older folk. Boy scouts performing strange act involving backward leap frogging (44:00) Gardening, landscaping, cottage footage, plants. 'Maine coloney' Philli Crest. Woman with large fish fire. Fire footage, B&W, burning brush. (47:30) Fire consuming cottage and trees. Extensive fire footage. (51:00) Aftermath of fire. (52:00) Color footage of fire. (52:30) B&W, fire aftermath.

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