Friends, Summer, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 10

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"3(7) Friends. July-August 1937. Gleasons in Old Orchard. Rockport. Lake Quannapowitt. Sailboats. Bear Skin Neck."
all b&w Title: Sam-O-Grams Woman leaning out window and lit by window, talks. Hotel New York. American Airlines, Port of NY. In tunnel. In car driving. Quick pan of airplane. At airport. View of cockpit. Man in suspenders looks out window. Woman looks out window. Other people look out window. View of landscape from plane: houses and trees. View of wing and clouds. Well exposed; then not so well exposed. View from airplane of landscape, coastline. Small New England town from air. Shadow of plan on water. Landing. People emerge from plane, men and women. Man blows nose. Flight attendant looks at camera. In town: car. Man with suitcase, people arriving at a beach hotel. “LongView” name of hotel. [Is this Gloucester, MA?] People on beach. Child in bathing cap. View of LongView hotel. Man reclining with straw hat and cigar. Woman in spotted scarf. People laugh. Pan of woman’s body lying down. Dog on beach. People go in water. Woman runs away. Two men standing, one takes off hat. Pan of woman’s legs. Women lie face down on blanket. Other women from the back. Woman takes toddler’s suit off, puts on another suit. CU child. Flowers. Baby. Woman who is holding baby. Woman with drawn-on eyebrows. On a boat, man. Nice shot of steaming something on the stove in galley. Woman eating from her lap in boat galley. CU toilet (“head”) in boat. Pan of pots and pans. ECU pot on stove. Buoy at sea. Artists in harbor. “Sara,” the Horovitz boat, in harbor. Rockport, most likely. Man with large format camera; another man looks in viewfinder. Views in Sara and dinghy. Very nice exposures of young girl. The Artists Costume Ball, Rockport sign. Man with canvas. Bear Skin Neck Gallery. Rocks on shore. Dog. Hotel exterior stairs. Studio Mary Lord, Fairbanks. ECU children. Granite. The Lobster Claw, exterior dining. ECU man in sailor hat. Dinghy with outboard, man in sailor hat with cigarette. Man swims underwater, returns doing crawl and swims by. Underwater again. Backstroke Contrasty image of man speaking. Another man looks at camera. Outdoors. Driving in tunnel, then Socony sign. People indoors with artificial light. Dressed for party. Harbor with small sailing vessels, pan of shoreline. Man in visored cap with pipe. Woman in bandanna. On house deck. Playground and cars. Quannapowitt Boat Club sign. (Wakefield MA) Girl in front of sign. Clouds. Girl looks up at sky. Smiles at camera. Howard Johnson’s Home Made Ice Cream neon sign. Title: The End.

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