[Albert Conley--home movies] Reel 11

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Date range from edge codes on film. // Notes from film tag: 'Makee Gardens; Nat[ural] Bridge Va.; Key West [Fl.]; Our first trip from Miami and Coral Gables across the Tamiami trail; Bowser - Barbara; Hammons and Seminoles; Maine Colony house; Jack Randall trip on Mr. Janelle's boat; Crescent Beach and waves; birthday cake; night parade at Sarasota.' // B&w, Florida, lily ponds, palm trees, small tow. Luxury pre-war auto parked in town, a Packard? (03:30) Natural rock 'bridge' formation. 'Caribbee coloney dining hall' sign, on beach, beach footage, town footage from above, from a tower? (04:40) Peacock. (05:40) 'Monroe County' boat name, a steamboat? 'Everglades' sign, Everglades footage. (07:13) Storm clouds over mission style building. (07:50) Everglades seen from a moving car. Shacks along side of the road. Long canoe shaped boat. (09:58) Palm tree lined street. (reel break) Beach footage. (11:50) Power boat with skipper in harbor, towns, bridges, other power boats, seabirds. (15:00) Goodyear blimp in flight over beach. Beached boat. B&W sunset over water. (17:40) Color, women with orange trees, plucking oranges. Birthday party outside, with cake. 'Sarasota' sign. (19:00) Nighttime parade with floats, marching bands.

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