[Assorted Maine & NH Reports]

Brunswick, Windham, Winthrop, Maine
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circa 1970
Fritzi Cohen (sp?) review of comedic stage play 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum' with footage of play and actors in Brunswick; wrecked Volkswagen Beetle car off road, police stand around site of accident, label in notes says: SB Windham Rescue 01/15/1970; Howard Neilson (sp?) beside lake talks about water pollution in lakes, footage of boat recreation and algae on Lake Annabessacook in Winthrop, pollution treatment on the lake, interview with President Robert of State Biologists Association on pollution; report on New Hampshire education problems and possiblity of sanctions; man with southern accent comments on advantages of new 'vascar' method of catching speeders on road, system being implemented in Maine

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