[Gertrude Jane Hay Eustis--home movies] Reel 68

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NHF cataloguer's notes (reel numbers assigned by donor or creator): Reel 68: cat lounging in front of doorway w/ plant; (18:24) man leaving house w/ pair of boots and stack of letters; man goes to car in garage and puts boots in trunk; car backs out of garage, man looking out car door; woman wearing glasses and plaid shirt; group of young people walking toward camera wearing warm clothes; woman, man pass camera, man smoking cigar; man in black clothes waves, walks straight toward camera; group of people standing on steps, woman in black joins them; man in suit and woman in maroon dress pose for camera; older man w/ hat; two men, two women pose, man wearing woman's hat and vice versa; man, woman w/ large corsage; group of men wave and laugh, one walks past camera; man, woman w/ camera pose; (20:20) woman in fur coat walks around and into car; man w/ coat over arm walks around car toward camera; pan left to right across almost completed house; pan across cars in front of house, man pushes wheelbarrow past house and dumps it on stoop; (21:29) cat in front of door small child comes out of door w/ three men, goes down steps; boy poses for camera; boy plays w/ windup car, older man and younger man approach camera; man, two women leave house (dark); man washes yellow car, woman watches, man, woman w/ suitcases leave house (holes); white man and black chauffeur unload car, man hands tennis racquet to woman; chauffeur takes racquet from woman and puts it on baggage cart; lit sign 'Pan American World Airw' (rest of sign obscured), (dark); sign 'Insurance' ; (22:59) stairs going up to airplane, man on wing, two women in front of plane; women getting on plane; various shots of people getting on/off plane; crew pulls stairs away and closes door of plane; propellers begin to turn on plane, plane starts to move; plane taxis down runway; shot of plane taking off from across parking lot; building w/ sign 'New York International Airport'; (24:27) CU license plate; man tightening screws on license plate; woman wearing stoll gets out of car and walks toward camera, showing photo; CU woman, lifts veil, talks; CU man, removes hat; woman sits on steps, smoking, smelling flowers; (25:49) men spreading dirt in front of partially finished house; dump truck spreading tar on driveway; woman in pink shirt walking down new driveway; second woman walking down driveway; pot of flowers on black cloth; (27:01) man hacks at hole in ground w/ axe, another man rakes leaves (holes in film); CU of tree w/ blossoms in front of house, CU of blossom, pan around tree; more of tree man gardening (dark); CU on bag of fertilizer (?); man opens bag and spreads it around flowers w/ trowel; more of man; woman rakes soil around flowers w/ small rake; woman spreads fertilizer around flowers; three woman, woman in middle kisses woman on left, all look at middle woman's package; woman holding package kisses older man, man gives her package; three woman, two in yellow, talk and wave in front of camera; older people join three women, talk and wave; flowers lit w/ direct light (dark); people clapping (very dark); women on stage in white dresses, audience taking pictures (dark); four women in graduation robes waves to person offscreen, camera quickpans to show woman waving in second story; woman in robes w/ older woman; two woman [and] one man wave, pan right to group walking away from camera; people walk down path away from camera; older woman stands in front of car, talking; men load car behind woman; man walks around car to driver side, stands w/ hand on door, woman on other side of car; (32:23) older men talk in front of pillar; group of older people wearing graduation robes hats walk by camera; group in robes stands in front of large tree, right part of group obscured by small bush; woman w/ glasses in robe and hat stands in front of tree trunk walks off right; woman in robe w/ hat w/ older person, fastens collar; two younger women walk by camera, wave, older woman follows, waves, man trails behind, waves; (33:15) sign 'Stewart's Ice Cream' quickpan down to door, group of about eight people exit; older woman exits, joins man who is lighting cigarette, both walk off right; (33:46) completed house w/ flowers and lawn; men spreading tar in the driveway from dump truck; men in small steamroller flattens tar; truck dumps tar on end of driveway; man in roller paves end of driveway.

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