[Kodish--home movies] Reels 1-7

Ashland, Maine
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1937 – 1942
Reel 1: (300 ft., b&w, dc 1937) Millyard in Ashland, Maine. Family gathering, group all walks by. Baseball, swimming. Train, skiing race, mid-30s cars, hockey, leaping and frolicking, snowplow, baseball in field, miscellaneous shots of car, people, picnic. Reel 2: (10 ft., b&w, dc 1938) Richard in culot. One or two shots at a camp in the woods. Reel 3: (100 ft., b&w, dc 1928) Interior, young girl with doll carriage (very dark), in rocking chair, with older woman, playing with dolls. Reel 4: (100 ft., b&w) Machines, parade, marching band to cemetery, salute fired, more parade. Reel 5: (100 ft., b&w, no dc) Dog (label says Beard and Richard Legim?). Baby in sleigh carriage, winter. Parade, fireworks, band, snowplow. Double exposure: parade and babies, babies and flowers. Rocking horse playing in lawn, horse shoes, first steps. Reel 6: (80 ft., b&w, dc 1942) Summer. Chickens in pen. Swing on tree. Man and boy in uniform. Winter sledding. Band, 'Ashland' on bass drum. Parade, men in uniform. Reel 7: (50 ft., col., dc 1939) Boy about three years old. Pan garden, summer. Boy on pony. Parade, band. Toddler.

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