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35) 1318.0001 Virgin Islands trip, Cuba I, 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 1
V.I.[Virgin Islands] trip. Cuba I. 1938 Feb 16-26;9/18/65 2(3) 1938 Feb 16-27 (V.I. to Cuba) A (title) Sam-o-Grams in Cuba Starts: girl, boat, sunset, statues, waterfront, (How in Cuba?) Mary, girlfriend (came off boat) - ...;Color “Sam-o-grams in Cuba” “Havana Cuba” American Express poster. Portrait shot of a woman, pan up to “Kodak Cubana” sign above her head. Shots of a ship in the sunset. Me...
4) 1318.0002 Virgin Islands trip, Cuba to Florida, 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 2
"2(4). Februrary 1938. Cuba to Florida. Cuba II. In air to Washington DC. Monuments, Yacht club, sister. Good Titles. VI [Virgin Islands] trip.";8/29/65 CUBA (2) FEB 1938 title: (beautiful) Sam-O-Grams in Cuba (red & blue stripes) B+: Monuments + girl ([Commander's] sister?) B+: Doctor & his [?] (Juena) A-: Yacht Club [C...;Color “Sam-O-Grams in Cuba” Statue with a woman posing at the bottom, buildings, streets and monument. Portrait shots of a man and woman, pan across waterfront. Buildings on t...
3) 1318.0003 Virgin Islands trip, Florida to Washington, D.C., 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 3
"2(5) Februrary 1938. Washington D.C., Mrs. Franklin Roosevelt. Mrs. R - Washinington D.C., Sonja Henie.";Feb. 1938 - (Reviewed 8/27/65) A- (bluish): Harvard Seal, lead up gradually to "Natural Color Photography" by SBH A- (title bluish): Sunset, Leading Performers of the Day, Banqu...;Harvard Academie title “Natural Color Photography by Samuel B. Horovitz” (Color) Sunset. “Leading personalities of the day.” Banquet table with a man speaking, Eleanor Roosevel...
32) 1318.0004 Friends, Columbia Yacht Club, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 4
"3(1) Friends. Columbia Yacht Club. 33 Elm St. 1936 Summer. Dave Halpern, Stanley, Chickie, Alice, Pearl, Joe, Ditona, twins, Leos, Miriam."
5) 1318.0005 Friends, Harvard and Elm street, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 5
"3(2) Friends. July 1936. 33 Elm st., 5 friends, Harvard classmates, Ingalls, Adler and Dr. Novak. Goldberg, Bob, Faye. Italian singers, Mrs. Lecher, gardens."
6) 1318.0006 Friends, Boston Legal Trip, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 6
"3(3) Friends. Boston Legal trip. 1936 Aug. Boat [Wixoh?], Zappala, tomatoes, bonfire, triplets. Euna Airtrip, Chinatown, Yaun Bihns boat trip. Clara and Miss Davis. Deer, h...
7) 1318.0007 Friends, Henry Cabot Lodge Campaign, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 7
"3(4) Friends. 1936 Aug to Nov. Lodge campaign. 51st Annual Convention Mass State Federation of Labour. New Bedford, woman, Nelson. Added 9/28/65: B/W removed from family 1...
8) 1318.0008 Friends, 1936--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 8
"3(5) Friends. 1936 mixed. Dr. DeRoma, Judge Rose, New York Nurse. Reshek Wedding. Debutantes, triplets, Julie and family, Yacht Club officials. Lodge election. 1936 Nov 3."
32) 1318.0009 Friends, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 9
"3(6) Friends. Bass Point House. August 1937. Germans - Woods Hole. Cohens on Sara. Esther - Daisy, Lodge, Bert's family. Nancy - NY [New York] Plane." ;Reel 9 Title: “Sam-O-Grams” Reel is all black and white. Couple; man with arm around woman. Young man with two gold front teeth embraces young woman. Headshots. Bass Point H...
19) 1318.0010 Friends, Summer, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 10
"3(7) Friends. July-August 1937. Gleasons in Old Orchard. Rockport. Lake Quannapowitt. Sailboats. Bear Skin Neck." ;all b&w Title: Sam-O-Grams Woman leaning out window and lit by window, talks. Hotel New York. American Airlines, Port of NY. In tunnel. In car driving. Quick pan of airpla...
8) 1318.0011 Guests, friends, Wakefield, Harvard boat races, New York, 1937-1939--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 11
Compilation of home movie footage including many portraits of friends and colleagues, a Harvard regatta, and New York.;Written on can: "33 Elm St. - Mrs. Cartel, old Harvard Boat house (w/Oscar and Mary), NY: Uncle Aaron's store, New Yorkers: all the lives and scenes.";Main title: “Sam-O-Graphs” Intertitle: “Look who's here!” Older woman—Mrs. Cartel?—in close-up, shingled house, pan along convertible car, lawn, passing truck. Rural neighborho...
5) 1318.0012 Friends, New York, Washington, D.C., 1937-1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 12
Compiled color home movie of air and road travel, including scenes of colleagues in New York and Washington, D.C.;Written on can: "BAP--Wash--NY trip, Dec-Jan 1, 1938/NY, Wash--Lodge Secr, Zimmer, Dept. of Labour Boys, New Years Party/Dr. Adler, mother & sisters, N.Y. Fifield WORKUM";Dec 1937-Jan 1938 Re-reviewed 9/2/65 Dr. Ali Adler, mother & sister in N.Y., girl (whose brother became mayor) FAYE, Dr., wife (Xray, German Ernst friend) SBH (thin) Streets o...;Main title: "SAM-O-GRAMS SBH" Outdoor portaits, shingle building behind headshots. Aerial views of landscapes in New England, some wing in most shots. Passengers within the c...
19) 1318.0013 Friends, Ice Capades, New York, New Hampshire, 1937-1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 13
Compiled home movie of friends and family in Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire.;Written on can: "1937-1938 Mixed Family/Sara I--friends/N.H. trip to Jewish hotel/short Ice Capades, Flora, Daisy's 2 daughters, short trip by auto to Ivy, short Harvard Yard/Bo...;Re-reviewed 9/2/65 1937-1938 (bluish)Natural Color Photography by SBH Ice Capades, Sonja Henie, Beach, dog pulling girl's stocking Flora, others Daisy's 2 daughters--about 6 + ...;Main title: "Natural Color Photography by Samuel B. Horovitz" Ice skating show. Beach. Dog pulls on shoe woman is wearing while she lies down. Young woman in round white sungl...
14) 1318.0014 Friends, Cuba and Florida, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 14
"3(11) Friends. February 1937. Barbara- Flora at Football game. Evelyn School. Malden Bar - Farewell to FLA [Florida]. Lodge's Seer to CEG's brother and Cuba. Cuban girl, J...;b&w Sam-O-Grams Trip to Havana, Cuba. Small child balancing on man’s hands, he brings it down for portrait. They are at the beach. Child with man holding one foot in each hand...
15) 1318.0015 Friends-Boating, Columbia Yacht Club to Annisquam to New York, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 15
"3(12) Friends. Probably 1937. Columbia Yacht Club to Annisquam to New York. Sara I Glouster, Bridge opens BAP to [SEN?] to NY (sht [short] trip, long movies). Jonet, Master...;Sam-o-Graphs [sic] b&w Columbia Yacht Club (South Boston) Dock, camera in motion, very quick pans and tilts. On board boat with friends. Title: “Even a bridge opens for th...
16) 1318.0016 Friends, Summer Columbia Yacht Club, 1937--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reels 16
"3(13) Friends. Summer 1937. Columbia Yacht Club. Hingham [Yacht] Club. Horse race. Characters at Columbia Yacht Club. Adv. girl, Maryhart Potkun. Ditmars twins, Woods Ho...;Title: ”Samograms” date: 1937 color Young girl in red stripe scarf holds a chalkboard, “Summer 1937 Aboard the Sara.’ Views of Columbia Yacht Club, South Boston, with head shots...
28) 1318.0017 Friends, Rockport, Singing Beach, 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 17
Compiled home movies of Summer 1938, includes scenes of Rockport, MA, Worcester, MA, and Providence, RI. ;Written on can: "Summer 1938, Penard--Klein--Messenger--Rockport--Rough--Singing Beach, R.I. Case--Moco--Cooper--Kleimhanse, Lodges--Flora, 1938 Worcester A-, Sara I repaired/Ne...;Summer 1938 A- (reviewed 8/23/65, originally 12/13/60) Title NATURAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY (blue) BU Law School--girls Renard--"Joe" Klein--Messenger Flora, SBH Sara I [...] Rockpo...;Title: “Natural Color Photography by Samuel B. Horovitz” Five or six adults downtown. Close-ups of faces; women wear hats. At the yacht club, two men in dinghy; man in hat ge...
8) 1318.0018 Friends, Ronan sworn judge, 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 18
Compiled color home movies of friends and judges in the Massachusetts courts; includes a civic event attended by Governor Hurley and others.;Written on can: "Sept. 1938 Friends, Judges...Ronan, Cox, Lummus";Reviewed 8/23/65 first really good all color, 27 years old! A- FRIENDS JUDGES Sept. 1938 new excellent title SAMOGRAMS C.J. Fields + wife (Miss Mont[...]H.S. teacher) Gov (to b...;Main title: “Samograms” card surrounded by flowers. CUs of people. Meeting, American flag. One child, various adults. Woman in checked outfit with striped feather in her ha...
9) 1318.0019 Friends, Maine plane trip, fall 1938--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 19
Fall 1938 NATURAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY by Samuel B. Horovitz Alice & Flora see me off, PLANE TRIP TO MAINE (Union Leaders?) SBH Party in Rose's Everett cellar Vernon Marr, LODGE ...;Title: “Natural Color Photography by Samuel B. Horovitz” Sign: “Passengers will not pass through gates until plane is announced” American Airlines plane on tarmac. Breezy da...;Compiled color home movies including scenes of friends, a plane trip to Maine, a Harvard-Yale football game, and celebrations at Temple Emanuel and at the Massachusetts State Ho...;On can: "Fall 1938 Friends, Maine plane trip, Rose Everett's Cellar, Lodge & Temple Emanuel, J. Miles, Misc. - Yale Game, Labor & report at State House, Coconut Grove show..."
20) 1318.0020 Washington, D.C., Spring 1939--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 20
Compiled color home movies of friends and colleagues in Washington, D.C., including scenes at the law office of Houston & Houston and at the Howard University campus.;FRIENDS 1939 NATURAL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY by SBH COLORED GROUP--FATHER HOUSTON --his office probably-SBH Reddish-Q simple original light MAX RABB, EUNA, CHARLIE, ZIMMER? whole WAS...;Title: “Natural Color Photography by Samuel B. Horovitz” Young woman eats ice cream with small spoon. Man to camera. African American group meeting in the law offices of Hous...;On can: "Wash D.C. Howard Law 1939 group, Euna, Charlie K?, J. Spiegel, group Manchester/1939 spring"
24) 1318.0021 Friends, launching Sara II, 1939--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 21
Compiled color home movies including scenes of the launch of Horovitz's yacht Sara II.;FRIENDS 1939 THE FAMILY ALBUM (bought) Renard + Goldberg going to Md to get SARA II, airport SARA II in Dundalk, river try-out flight back LAUNCHING in BOSTON Dr. Myron A. Stram...;Title: “The Family Album” (color art card) Airplane, pan of length of plane. Eastern Air Lines, "The Great Silver Fleet." Men in hats at door of plane. Runway, view over wing...
22) 1318.0022 New York World's Fair, Harvard-Army Game, 1939--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 22
Compiled home movie reel including footage of the 1939 New York World's Fair and a 1940 Harvard-Army football game.;Written on can: "Dec 1939 Party at Park Central--Evelyn arrives, 1940 Harvard Army game/Adler-Bottome party, Diamond Horseshoe, Fair--NY boats--Maury, Sonje Henie--poor, 1939 Xm...;Title: "Natural Color Photography by Samuel B. Horovitz" Reel opens with a series of brief close-up shots of men and women in attendance at a party, some in formal attire. A sh...
20) 1318.0023 Friends, Ella Frankfurter show, Malden Bar Association, 1939-1940--Samuel B. Horovitz--home movies. Reel 23
1939 ± SAMAFILMS (color) Frankfurter show-girls Renard and band and show Oscar's house, SNOW, Isobel + Barbara Pocahontas Tavern Malden Bar Assoc Gov. Hurley swearing Judge __ i...;Compiled color home movies including scenes of musical performances, a Malden Bar Association social event, Massachusetts Governor Hurley, and a Massachusetts Industrial Acciden...
34) 1318.0024 Europe Trip, London to Bruxelles, 1954--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 24
Reel 24 - "9(2) Europe. London to Bruxelles [Brussels]."
25) 1318.0025 Europe Trip, Norway to Sweden, 1954--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 25
Reel 25: "9(4) Europe. Norway to Sweden."
31) 1318.0026 Europe Trip, Demark to France, 1954--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 26
Reel 26: "9(5) Europe. Denmark to France."
27) 1318.0027 Greece-Egypt trip, Paris to Belgrade, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 27
Reel 27: "12(1) Greece-Egypt trip. Paris...Belgrade... 1963 Sep 29-Oct 2."
28) 1318.0028 Greece-Egypt trip, Turkey to Athens, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 28
Reel 28: "12(2) Greece-Egypt trip. Turkey to Athens... 1963 Oct 5-8."
29) 1318.0029 Greece-Egypt trip, Athens, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 29
Reel 29: "12(3) Greece-Egypt trip. Athens... 1963 Oct 10-14."
30) 1318.0030 Greece-Egypt trip, Rhodes, Ephesus--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 30
Reel 30: "12(4) Greece-Egypt trip. Stella Solaris...Rhodes, Ephesus... 1963 Oct 14-21."
31) 1318.0031 Greece-Egypt trip, Greece & Lebanon, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 31
Reel 31: "12(5) Greece-Egypt trip. Greece & Lebanon... 1963 Oct 15-23."
32) 1318.0032 Greece-Egypt trip, Lebanon, Cairo, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 32
Reel 32: "12(6) Greece-Egypt trip. Lebanon...Cairo... 1963 Oct 23-28."
33) 1318.0033 Greece-Egypt trip, Cairo, Alexandria, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 33
Reel 33: "12(7) Greece-Egypt trip. Cairo...Alexandria... 1963 Oct 26-29."
34) 1318.0034 Greece-Egypt trip, Leaving Cairo, Luxor, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 34
Reel 34: "12(8) Greece-Egypt trip. Leaving Cairo...Luxor... 1963 Oct 29 to Nov 2."
35) 1318.0035 Greece-Egypt trip, Luxor, Aswan Dam, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 35
Reel 35: "12(9) Greece-Egypt trip. Luxor...Aswan Dam... 1963 Nov 1-2."
36) 1318.0036 Greece-Egypt trip, 1963--Samuel Horovitz--home movies. Reel 36
Reel 36: "12(10) Greece-Egypt trip. 1963 Nov 1-5."
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