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25) 0830.0006 The Story of the Portland to Montreal Pipeline
[NHF Reel 6] NHF cataloguer's notes, 9/23/98 CH: (10:25) Intertitle: 'The Story of the Portland to Montreal Pipeline.' 1941. Gorham to Montreal section constructed by Williams B...
7) 1020.0001 Timber for Tojo
Collection-level description: a factual film about the wood products industry in Maine during World War II. Documentary footage of woodswork related to production of ammunition ...
13) 1308.0013 [William Rand, Sr.--home movies] Reel 013
Can notes as follows (reel numbers are NHF-assigned): 13. End of World War II--black & white.
4) 1610 World War II: New Hampshire
World War II as experienced in New Hampshire. See video review filed in Collection File.
5) 1752.005 Japan's Surrender
No description available
16) 1837.001 [Houlton Air Force Base Parades]
Amateur footage of Houlton Air Force Base parades during World War II
7) 1916.001 Danube Exodus
Compilation film using amateur footage shot by Captain Nandor Andrasovits who transported East German Jews along the Danube River in 1939-1940. Program from Getty Research Insti...
33) 2159.0028 Battle For Tunisia!; Surrender at Stalingrad!
Castle Films release of World War II news footage. Includes segments "Battle for Tunisia!" and "Surrender at Stalingrad!"
10) 2447.0010 The Tree In A Test Tube
Directed by Charles McDonald, narrated by Pete Smith and Lee Vickers and starring Laurel and Hardy. Pete Smith explains to Laurel and Hardy how many products in their daily liv...
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