[Annie Wood Nowell--home movies] Reel 14

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1927 – 1932
Notes from can: 8A Wood Relations. 1927-1932; Spring '27. Parker & Leonard. Carpenters; Summer, '27 at Burr House, Dux.; Fall '27 or '28, Barbara Wood; Fall '27, Kay and Joe Clarey. Cont. Warren; Xmas '28, Margaret Wood; Summer '28, K. & H. in masquerade costume, Dux.; Summer '29, Bunnie at Pd. Pt.; Fall '29, Grandpa Wood, Ellis. 3 Nowells together; Summer 31. Barbara Wood at Dux. 3 yrs. Carpenters at Colorado; Summer '32 or '33, Barbara & Marjorie; Fall '32, Bunnie & Nowells at Wabunabi [?].
Intertitle: 'Parker and Leonard Wood'. Two men sitting and smoking. Three men pose for the camera. Intertitle: 'The Carpenters.' Two women and a man sitting on the steps. A woman and a toddler (Nancy) sitting on the grass. Various shots of Nancy outside. Close up of a baby. Nancy and the baby sitting on the couch. The baby lying on a bed. Intertitle: 'Kay and Joe Clarey. (Slow motion)' A man (Joe?) and a woman (Katharine) playing catch. Katharine and the man walk down the steps holding hands. Intertitle: 'Mary Louise and –unbar Carpenter'. A girl (Mary Louise) and a boy walking towards the camera. Intertitle: 'Helen Carpenter and Constance Warren.' Two women facing the camera. A group of people pose in front of the camera. Close up of the two women (Helen and Constance). A girl (Helen) sitting by the window. A group of people seated facing the camera. Intertitle: 'Margaret Wood.' A girl (Margaret) seated next to a Christmas tree. Helen and Margaret next to the tree. Shot of a house. Helen in a costume. Katharine in costume. A boy and a man playing in the water. A group of people in the water. Intertitle: '- NO. 9 – WINCHESTER, WINTER OF ’28-’29 GRANDPA WOOD'. An older man, Katharine and Nancy seated in front of a window. Intertitle: 'Xmas, 1929, Winchester. Kay, a Vassar Sophomore. Helen, Winsor School, 3’rd class from top. Nancy, in Kindergarten, Wyman School.' Various shots of Nancy wearing glasses. Nancy riding a tricycle. Nancy playing with dolls. Shots of Katharine, Helen and Nancy. Intertitle: 'Duxbury, 1931, 1 1/2 yrs. later. Nancy and Barbara stamping out the cobwebs.' Two girls (Nancy and Barbara) running around the yard. Helen, Katharine, Nancy and Barbara sitting on the steps. Nancy and Barbara in the garden. Two men and a woman sitting on a balcony. Three people walking up a path. A group of people standing on top of a hill. A group of people next to a waterfall. A boy playing in a stream. Intertitle: 'FILM NO. 10 Barbara Wood, born in 1927 and Marjorie Wood, born 1930.' Two young girls (Barbara and Marjorie) posing for the camera. Various shots of people swimming and diving. Close up of a man in a rowboat. [End of Reel]

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