Hurricane, Alewives, Maple Syrup, Turnpike--Walter V. Mitton--home movies. Reel 16

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1954 – 1955
b&w. Title, 'W.V. Mitton Production' in script. Man walking down tree-lined street, two people talking by door, views of treetops with wind blowing, garage missing door; tree fallen on house; cars; leaf and branch strewn lawn; men fixing telephone wires at top of pole; men pulling wires off a house; uprooted tree with group of people around it; tree fallen on St. Mark's church; tree that has lost many branches. Many shots of streets, houses, trees, trucks and cars. Could be St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Augusta, Maine. Could be either Hurricane Carol or Hurricane Edna in September 1954. Alewife catching and processing: Many shots of water, fish. Exterior of long wooden building, seagulls in foreground. People standing on dock as fish are thrown; fish on wooden deck, people observe dipping. Title, 'Invitation to Breakfast,' on background of a tree in a field. Cauldron under a wooden frame in the middle of the woods, man in plaid shirt throws wood into fire under cauldron, sap buckets attached to trees. Probably maple syrup operation. Looking down the interior of a bridge, men work on roadway with water and brooms. Man putting on shoe while sitting on chair, dog in foreground. Color (faded) Maine turnpike. Governor Muskie wearing bow tie speaking to crowd of people (mostly men) on turnpike in the winter; looking down turnpike; shots taken from passenger seat of car driving along turnpike by tollbooth, under overpasses, past snowy fields, then red sign: 'SLOW Turnpike Ends 1/2 Mile'. December 13, 1955, in Augusta, Governor Edmund S. Muskie cut the ribbon opening the Turnpike extension (Section II).

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