[Harold B. Neal--home movies] Reel 2

Wells, West Lebanon, Maine
Boston, Massachusetts
Milton, Hampshire
Bermuda, International
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circa 1934
Can label: '#2 -- Summer. Begins at Camp Runoia at Long Pond near Waterville, Me. White Rocks (W. Lebanon). Willards, Peaks, donkey baseball (Milton, NH). Butterflies, Neals at Wells Beach (Me.) Flying Pond (Me) shots around camp (W. Lebanon). Views around Hershey, Pa.' // 1934 date code on film. // House and garden, West Lebanon, Me. Child swinging, in bathng suit. Girl swinging in dress. Two children making ice cream. Boy filling buckets from well, dropping buckets. Tetherball. Breaking up the tetherball set. See saw. Girl with kitten. West Indies 1934 from Massachusetts. Boston harbor. Castle Island (fort and monument). Buoys. Graves light. Pilot ship. Man enters smaller rowboat. Lowering ship's flag. Fisherman's boat. Gulf stream wet deck and ocean white caps. Deck chairs. Bermuda. Change of pilot. Description with illustration of Bermuda. Bermuda from ship. Smaller islands at Bermuda. Ship docking. Harbor scene. 'The houses are white and everyone rides a 'Bixie.'' Buildings, Bermuda street scene. Roofs, roof construction. Cricket. Rubber trees. Banana grove. Horse drawn taxi. Bamboo. Oleanders in bloom. Deck games, shuffle board. Jumping rope. Quoits. Deck tennis. Captain. Girl hurling game pieces. Loading cargo onto smaller boats. St. Kitts. Street scenes. Breadfruit trees. Public market. Rowing back to the ship.

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