Awinita, first cruise--Dassler family--home movies. Reel 4

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1936 – 1937
NHF cataloguer's notes, 2/96 for Reel 4: Boatyard; 6-8 member boatbuilding crew in process of putting finishing touches on cabin cruiser; man using hand brace and bit; boat christening; the breaking of a bottle of ale across the bow as the work crew pushes the boat into the water; pan of members of the work crew; cabin cruiser on open water; medium shot of elderly, bearded man seated near stern, wearing suit and nautical cap; woman sewing while seated on deck; large steam freighter anchored offshore; wooded islands and inlets depicting smoke from apparent forest fires (as per intertitling notes); traditional Chippewa/Ojibwa campsite composed of 20 teepees along shoreline with wooded hills in background; panoramic shots of wooded hills; elderly man and young woman exploring abandoned mine tailings; boy fishing in bay; waterfall; young woman scales log damn across stream; freshwater waves crashing against rocky shore with island in background; sunset and boat (cabin cruiser) making its way through calm water with boy standing atop bow; island shoreline in background.

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