[Naturalist Films] Tape 1

Acadia National Park, Maine
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1936 – 1946
Untitled educational/cultural films and nature films. // Date range from information in collection folder. // Original footage is 16mm film. // NHF retains video copy with the following labels: 1. Mountain climbing classes, Birds (land) nesting and feeding, Birds (sea) Gulls etc, Sightseeing boat tour (Liberty vessel), Aquatic I.D., Misc. Flora/Fauna: Fall colors, spring flowers, Fawn, Bird Banding, Sea: Winter Coastal Scenes, Guided Hikes, Mountain Vistas in the 30s (?), Sea: Guided Water Tours, Island Hopping, Group Sailing, Lobster Boat, Lighthouses, Swimming, Sea: Misc. - Island views, Pounding Surf, Beach, Thunder Hole, Birds: Birds of Acadia, Sea: Misc. Island Views, Lighthouses, Four Masted Sailing Vessel, Sail Boat Racing, Flowers: Spring/Summer. // NHF viewing notes: woman water skiing, men and women rock climbing with ropes, view from summit. Shaky closeup bird in nest, chick waiting to be fed, MS birds in dense foliage, wide shots of forest, chicks in nest, five chicks in a line, kingfisher (?) feeding chicks in a nest, bird held in hand, released. Seagulls in flight, forest fire, fly on flower, people boarding sight-seeing cruise. Boats named ìLibertyî and ìFrenchman's Bayî, boat rounds a headland, rocky seabed seen through clear water, trees in Fall, empty road, closeup flowers. Fawn seen emerging from bushes, fawn held in lap of young woman, man high up in tree tending to large nest, eagle flying, shot of nest showing two eggs and a quarter dollar coin with eagle on its face for scale. Bird banding demonstrated, rocky headland with geyser-like spray. Naturalist leading group of children, views from summit toward Bar Harbor and islands, sailing boats, lighthouse, fishing boat with lobster traps, people swimming, waves crashing, sailboat tours, seabird walking over rocks silver backed gull (?), washing line blown in wind, park ranger conducting accordion player on boat, close up of keys of accordion, seagulls swarming fishing vessel. People watching sunset, coastal scenes taken from boat. Thunder Hole: water rushing into rock with bystander, views of Cadillac Mountain, mountain reflected in lake, sunset. Title reads: ìBirds of Acadiaî, yellow bird on nest, shot of nesting box. Title written in sand reads: ìIsland Bird Life.î Mist at sea shot from boat, seagulls in trees, plaque on rock. Faded color footage of coastal views, sailing, jellyfish in water, yacht racing, sailing vessel with four masts, sunset.

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