Elwins to Calcutta, 1938--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 8

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Rock formation. Village scenes. Children and adults. Men and boys performing an acrobatic dance. A group of children. Children on a swing. Shots of the village. A western man walking around. Shot of a street in town. Men sawing lumber. A man carving out a section of a tree trunk. A village and piles of hay. Close up of children spinning with drop spindles. (Film changes to color) Village scenes. Boys serving drinks. Gandhi getting out of a car and walking through a crowd. Children spinning. (Film changes to black and white) Gandhi getting out of a car. Gandhi getting into a car. Shots of a village. Shots of a town. A Hindu temple. (Jagannath Temple, Puri) Shot of a market street, seen from above. A temple. Close up of temple carvings. Lion and elephant statues at Konark Sun Temple, Odisha, India. Elephant statues. A temple seen through a town street. Close up of a monkey statue (Hanuman?) (Film changes to color) A temple. Men carrying jars. Monkeys. A temple. A man driving an ox cart. Market scenes. A seated scribe. A man lying prone on the floor. [End of Reel]
FROM Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine Jan. 22, 1939 to March 22nd Benares – To – Saigon Indo China Films to # 64 C Films 37, 38, 39 B+W Elwins Finished Wardha 40 – B+W Wardha 41 – B+W Wardha R.R.T. Puri : - Camel + boats : village. 42 – B+W Puri Potter + Kilns Paddock in rickshaw. 43 – B+W Gate of Jugganath Temple Great Temple : Black Pagoda 44 – B+W Black Pagoda : Around Temple (illegible name) at Gandhi House Small Temple + milk men 45 – B+W Calcutta : river traffic Potters 46 B+W Calcutta – Kali Temple
Mahatma Gandhi at Sevagram ashram near Wardha, India, where he lived from April 1936 to near the end of his life.

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