[Alan Bemis—home movies] Reel 36

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Ann+ Margot 1934 Donor notes: "Ann+ Margot 1934 April 29 1934 on Billy July 15---+ Tennis Oct 34 - on Billy Nov 3 34 Millwood Hunt Finish at Wayland Nov 4 --Ann, Margot Billy [illegible]" In the driveway of the Bemis Wayland house (?), Ann (born July 1, 1929) leads Margot (born Oct. 8, 1930) on Billy, the miniature horse, as Chapie Bemis walks alongside. Cars are parked near the tennis court. Footage shot in April 29, 1934. Several children watch and walk along as the miniature horse is led by Margot and others. Chapie is with them in some shots. HAS of the tennis court where several adults and older children sit and a few play tennis. Shot in July, 1934. Chapie's horse Monty and the miniature horse Billy graze in a field. Margot rides her tricycle along the edge of the tennis court. Shots of the girls and Chapie on the lawn at Wayland, riding the miniature horse, with dogs around. They visit the cow barn and saddle up the horse. A sign announces "MILLWOOD HUNT CLUB Framingham". Pans across the Wayland property showing the lawns, tennis court, horse barns, and Chapie standing nearby. Looking across a field to where hunt hounds gather, then hunters on horseback come through from woods. The hunters begins to dismount, and dogs are put back in their cages. Ann and Margot climb a wooden ladder to the roof of the horse barn, then play on the lawn with Billy the miniature horse and one of the calves.

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