[Maxim--home movies] Reels 54-78

Massachusetts, United States
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Amateur footage. Can notes as follows: Reel 54 The Family Album Second Reel, 1925 (dc 1925) Reel 55 Attean Fishing Trip, 1st reel (dc 1925) Reel 56 Attean Fishing Trip, 2nd reel (dc 1925) Reel 57 1925 MIT Technology Club Outing (dc 1925) Reel 58 The Development of Bill Hill, 1st reel (dc 1924, 1926) Reel 59 Log of the Seagull, 1st reel, yachting (dc 1926) Reel 60 40th Reunion of MIT [class of] 1886, 1925 (dc 1935) Reel 61 Log of the Seagull, 2nd reel (dc 1926) Reel 62 Summer in Connecticut (dc 1924-28) Reel 63 Hamburg and Her People (dc 1926) Reel 64 Log of the Seagull, 4th reel (dc 1927) Reel 65 1927 MIT Technology Club Outing (dc 1927) Reel 66 Log of the Seagull, 5th reel, Ft. Pond Bay, end of Black Duck trip, yachting (dc 1927) Reel 67 Development of Bill Hill, 2nd reel (dc 1927) Reel 68 Log of the Seagull, 6th reel (dc 1927, 1925) Reel 69 Color Film, No. 1, European Motoring and Powells in Garden (dc 1930) Reel 70 Development of Bill Hill, 3rd reel (dc 1927, 1928) Reel 71 European Motoring Trip #1 England (dc 1930) Reel 72 European Motoring Trip #2 England (dc 1930) Reel 73 European Motoring Trip #3 England (dc 1930) Reel 74 SMA-MIT '86 1931 [MIT Class of 1886, 1931 reunion] (dc 1931) Reel 75 Here and There, scarf dance, mule, cow, Sir Hiram, Hudson kodachrome (dc 1925-1935) Scarf Dance has been circumstantially dated as 1930. Described in Movie Makers, June 1931. Reel 76 1938 Hurricane, 1939 Hamburg Fair, color 375 ft (dc 1938, 1939) Reel 77 CMH 70th birthday, 2-1937 color reels, 1-1938 color reels (1937, 1938) Reel 78 Memories of H.P.M. Hamilton Maxim from Wm. P.C. Corson (no dc)
Reel 54 The Family Album Second Reel, 1925 (dc 1925) Includes Josephine (HP Maxim's wife), Florence and John Cutter (Florence is HP Maxim's sister), Hamilton, Pete the dog. Hamilton Eames and Haydie Eames Coxe at "Bill Hill" [in Lyme CT] Reel 70 "Bill Hill No 3" Unpainted clapboard building. Woman smokes cigarette outside. She talks to Hiram Percy Maxim and gestures. They laugh together. She and Maxim run and tussle on lawn with barn in background. Women walk out of screen door. Josephine Maxim arranges flower boxes. Then HP Maxim comes to flower boxes and gestures. He lets bucket down into well, pulls bucket out and empties water into watering can. Josephine waters plants. They sit on edge of well. Man walks wheelbarrow to barn. A young man sands window ledge outside while someone works inside. Two men and woman outside. View of wallpaper through open door. Josephine sits with young woman. Man uses axe on wood. HP Maxim with wheelbarrow. Josephine indoors with table set on oilcloth table cloth. CU fireplace, wood fire. Various interior shots with wicker chairs, man at stove with frying pan. Exterior, house and trees. Meadow. View through barn. Stone walls. Side of house, views of well. Group by boat, eating. Back at Bill Hill, breezy day.

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