[Maxim--home movies] Reel 15

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Amateur footage. Trick film. Content description for Can N15A; can numbers are donor-assigned. (UNEDITED) NHF Cataloguer's notes for Reel 15: 01:23. Screen intertitle:'Member Amateur Cinema League.' Title projected against turning globe of the world. 'Cinema League' logo.' 'The world wide organization of amateur movie makers." Black ball with initials, 'A.C.L.' engraved on it. 02:00. It recedes into rayed background until only initials are visible. Intertitle: 'Hartford, Conn. Certainly not to be classed among the backward cities. And yet-' Group of pedestrians taken in reverse photography. They appear to be walking backwards. Vehicles are all backing up. Pedestrians all walking backwards. Humorous cinematic technique continues. 03:02. Municipal buildings. Parked cars. Bulldozer scoops dirt. Rather than emptying soil inverse photography brings soil into scoop. Horse-drawn wagon for receiving the soil. Soil ascends into shovels being used by men. It appears to leap out of horse-drawn wagon right into the shovels. Horses draw wagon backwards. 04:15. Inverse soil returns to shovels. The men continue to waft shovels. The wagon moves backward. Rocks remove themselves from truck back into crane. Men dig with shovels. 05:02. Side of car. Normal photography has now resumed. Two women walk down path. They approach car where fur stole is lying across tire guard. One of the women picks the stole up and caresses it as if it were a pet. She drapes it around her neck.(End of Reel 15.)

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