[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 12, Accession 2526

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1950 – 1952
Can notes: “PWH + MAH +Tom Wallace – Trip to Mexico City. ‘52” Dark footage. People walking around an airplane. Shot of snowy land from the flying plane. Two men wave at camera from boarding steps. Marion stands beside Tom Wallace, both take pictures in a busy marketplace. Shot of marketplace, women washing clothes in a river or stream. Ruins and mountains. Marion walks with Tom through ruins. Shot of two couples talking and looking at ruins. Palm trees and street scenes from moving car. Marion in marketplace. Shot of Restaurant Amapolas, in Bogota, Colombia. It looks to be a series of small boats on the water. Boats on small canal. Shot of Tom taking photos seen from boat in water. Man and small girl in traditional dress. Bull fight. Procession of Matadors. Various shots of matador taunting/fighting bull in arena. Close-up of man with red sash, bull has many wooden pieces sticking out of him. Dark footage of many matadors with bull. Shot of bull being dragged, dead, by a horse. Panning shot of massive arena, packed almost to the top. Matadors walk the edge of the arena while people throw gifts and flowers down from their seats. Shot of man taking a photograph and then walking toward a car. Shots from vehicle including roadside man with donkey, goats crossing. Donkeys and goats being led down the street. View of large mountain in the distance. Shot of street performers - dark footage, cannot make out what is happening. Elaborate costumes. A parade. Shot of mountaintops from airplane. Shot of plane parked in airport. Rocky coast with waves. Shot of coast with mountains and harbors. Marion in a dress poses next to a cannon. Dark shot of pool and resort area, boats docked in a harbor. Flowers. Rocky shoreline and large homes on top. View of the ocean, dark, but can see rock - someone dives off of a cliff, only visible upon hitting the water. Dark mountains and clouds. Two men stand on beach. Aerial shot of coastline and water. Islands. Man tying wood together on the side of the road. Man and burrow carrying hay on roadside. Dark shots of people and street. Three men rowing a boat toward camera. Shot of water and fisherman from boat. Men fishing with large hand nets. View of Marion and other passengers on boat. Children on the street. Man with donkey carrying wood on the street. Mountains. View of large pool at a resort, but the water is brown. People still swim. Resort area and fountain, perhaps a garden. Dark. Footage of bicyclist riding in front of car on the road. Dark shots of water and buildings.

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