[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 10, Accession 2526

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Intertitle: "Caribbean Cruise 1949 Reel No. 1 Aboard the S. S. Nieuw Amsterdam of the Holland-America Line. Sailed from New York March 11, 1949 with 850 Passengers including Marion A. Hussey and Philip W. Hussey. Ports of Call included: Cap Haitian, Haiti, with an Auto trip to Sans Souci, San Juan Puerto Rico, where Marion's friends provided real Spanish Hospitality; Ciudad Trujillo, Capitol of the Dominican Republic, LaGuaira, Venezuela, where Auto trip was made over the Andes Mts. To Caracas, the Capitol of Venezuela. Willemstad on the beautiful Dutch Island of Curacao, Cristobal, Colon and Panama, including trip through Culebra Cut and across Gatun Lake, Kingston. Jamaica with its famous Hope Gardens, Havana, Cuba. Yes, Cockfights, Night Clubs, National Casino, Rum and Cigar Factories. Beautiful Capitol Building, Morro Castle, Alligator Belts and Lottery Tickets !! And sad but true back to New York in a howling Snow Storm on March 1, 1949. The Amateurish Photography by P. Hussey. Costumes and Make-Up by M. Hussey." Intertitle: "Now we are off, leaving New York behind." Shot of New York skyline with steam ships and boats in harbor. Intertitle: "She'll shed that Fur Coat yet." Shot of Marion Hussey in fur coat seated on deck. View of water shot from back of boat. Intertitle: "Where Sun Tan Lotion did its stuff." Shot of deck with tables and people seated in chairs set up in rows. Intertitle: "Stay on the Pole and you win!" Shots of men pillow fighting while trying to sit on a pole set up on the deck. Deck views including pool. Intertitle: "Want to bet on a Horse?" Toy horse race set up on deck with crowd. Intertitle: "Or on a turtle?" Dark footage of turtle race being set up. Intertitle: “Plenty of White Skin now Brown bye and bye - or Red. [sic]" Shot of Marion in bathing suit top and shorts, lounging in chair on deck. Intertitle: "Going ashore at Haiti" Small boat full of passengers leaving cruise ship. Intertitle: "We get a view of our ship." Shot of cruise ship taken from small boat in water. Shot approaching shore. Haitian market scene and parked cars. Intertitle: "Ruins of Christopher's Palace, Sans Souci." Dark footage of ruins with people gathered in front. Young Haitian girl in pink dress. Intertitle: “Mr. and Mrs. Simon and Mr. and Mrs. Kahn" Shot of Simon and Kahn couples in market area. Intertitle: "We take on Pilot for San Juan, Puerto Rico" View of what appears to be tugboat on water. View of boat (dark footage) up against cruise ship. Shot of choppy water and shore of Puerto Rico. Various shots of land from boat. Intertitle: "The Dock at San Juan" Shot of parked cars in rows, people walking. View of plane taking off. Intertitle: "Marion's Friends show us the City" Marion and friends pose for camera on a bridge. Philip Hussey and Marion's friends pose on bridge. Dark footage of building and car. Close-up of building reads: Casa De Espana. Intertitle: "And the Beautiful University of Puerto Rico" Shot of building with clock tower, grounds. Men play basketball in a large court. Intertitle: "Yellow Hibiscus" followed by a shot of flowers. Intertitle: "Tea (?) [sic] at Dr. Del Rio's Hospitable Home in the Hills, overlooking the City. [sic]" Shot of Del Rio and friends, posing in yard. Some faces darkened by shadows from trees in yard. Dark shots of yard and plants. Intertitle: "Over go the Boats to Land at Ciudad Trujillo. And was it rough?" Shot of boat alongside cruise ship. Dark. View of men (also dark) in boat being loaded into the water from the ship. Panning shot of shoreline. Dark footage of men in small boat leaving ship. Intertitle: "LaGuaira, Venezuela and the Andes Mts. [sic]" View of city and mountains from ship and then from the mountains looking down. Intertitle: "Caracas, Capitol of Venezuela." View of city (shaky) from a vehicle. Women walking down the steps of a large building. Dark shot of monument. Intertitle: "Mural of Bulivar's Wedding." Dark shot of mural. Intertitle: "Where the Bull hasn't a Chance." Shot of stadium/coliseum used for bullfights. Intertitle: "And the Poor Bull!" Dark shot of bull and then a man standing in the empty seating area. Dark shots of city and happenings. Dark footage of boat on water. Shot through porthole of shore, can see the silhouette of Marion pulling her head from the porthole lookout. Intertitle: "Willemstad on the Isle of Curacao. With it's [sic] Swinging Bridge." View of swinging Bridge, man stands on bridge. View shot from moving boat on water. Dark footage of boat leaving dock. Dark shots of city buildings. Clock reads 12:00. Views of buildings and city from boat in harbor. Shot of bridge swinging closed/back together. Intertitle: "The Market Place. Vegetables Right off the Boats." Shot of bustling market, boats docked along harbor. Shot of street and palm trees. Intertitle: "The Old Fort near the Dock where our Ship took on its Fuel Oil." Shot of fort and dock with cruise ship in water. Shot of man pouring something. SHELL tanks along dock area. Shot of the sunset. Intertitle: "End of Reel No. 1 (just a minute, Please)"

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