[Philip W. Hussey--home movies] Reel 7, Accession 2526

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1949 – 1951
Can notes: “1950 Clam Bake; Uncle Ernest Wedding Anniversary 50th; Publicity Bureau, Kittery; Becky Brow’s Wedding; Nova Scotia Trip; Marion in Garden.” Reel notes: “Bar Harbor; Pete Graduates; Charlotte 5 years old” Dark footage of boy in snow who appears to be holding stuffed animal (bear or mouse (?) something with big ears) Large teddy bear sitting on snow bank next to American flag. Group of men at construction site holding blueprints and posing for camera. Small boys pose in front of house/porch eating something. Woman walks around front of car. Marion Hussey plows through garden in shorts and button-down shirt. Uses hand plow. Boys and women work in garden, bury box or plant? Old man and old woman use two-person saw on large log. Dark wedding footage of bride and groom. Various shots of women and girls in dresses. Young boy, dark footage of woman's dress blowing. Various shots of people outdoors after wedding. Dark shot of young boy on tricycle. Wedding party and guests gathered on lawn for what appears to be picnic or reception. Family poses for camera. Shot of lobster and corn on the cob in a pan. Clam bake. People in line for food. Views of food lines. Various shots of people at reception. Shot of cars parked on lawn. Entire group poses for panning shot of guests. Marion, Bill and Peter stand in front of sign that reads: Welcome to Nova Scotia. Philip Sr. and Marion pose in front of sign. Joined by Peter. View of Mrs. Hussey in courtyard of flowers. View of shore and water. Shots of boats docked in harbor. Marion and boys sitting in chairs on the shore. Boys pose with Marion on boat. View of shore and water shot from boat. View of surf on rocks. Peter poses with fish. Family seated at outdoor table having dinner. Football game. Cheerleaders. Marion and Philip’s daughter, Charlotte counting on her fingers, has written a sign that reads: I Am 5 years old Daddy! Carousel cake next to her. Charlotte points to sign and looks at camera and then claps, smiling. She then points to her carousel cake. Shot of Charlotte in front of Christmas Tree with gifts (dark shot). Shot of dogs running up to camera. Dark footage outside of house. Marion shovels snow, waves at camera. Shot of cat in snow. Charlotte plays in snow. Charlotte on ice skates. Mrs. Hussey puts on her skates, joins Charlotte and does a few spins. Mr. Hussey puts on skates, humorously skates around with arms in air. Dark shot of Holiday or Christmas party with children dressed up. Girls in dresses with presents and crowns. Children at party table pose, then blow noisemakers. Family gathered on lawn, posing for camera. Little boy with helmet and toy gun poses for camera. Philip Jr./Bill and Peter putting flags up. Shot of dog tied up on runner. Philip, Jr. walking up from water. Two girls in suits and bathing caps in the water. Old man with cane in chair. View of man on top of steel beam soldering with torch. View of large steel beams being put into place at a work site. Machinery moving large beams. Shot of truck with men holding the beams to keep them stable. View of Hussey MFG. Co. sign in background. Shirtless men hammer on top of beams, look to be suspended over the water on scaffolding. Building something on a harbor. Charlotte plays outside, stops and talks to camera. Small Scottie wags tail and moves his head sideways at camera. Mrs. Hussey and Charlotte on sailboat, rocking back and forth. Shot of Philip Jr. and Peter riding by in their sailboat, wave to camera. View of water and boat riding away. Various shots of neighboring boat from sailboat Hussey, Sr. is filming on. Charlotte holds something up for camera or maybe just poses. Man tends to boat being pulled in from the water. Shot of shore with gulls at low tide. Charlotte getting on the school bus. Charlotte and Marion at picnic table, setting up lunch. Charlotte brushes Scottie dog on lawn. Two men in flannel shirts pack fishing boat for an excursion. Dark footage of cabin and outdoors. Various bits of sunlight through trees. View of water and landscape. Dark footage. Man rowing boat up to shore. Footage shot from one boat, filming man rowing boat ahead. Man carrying motor and dead deer from boat. Men shake hands over deer carcasses. Shot of waves crashing against sea wall in Wells Beach. View of various buildings including Howard L. Ridley Insurance. More water against sea wall. Rushing water. Charlotte watching water. View of aqueduct structure. Charlotte rides tricycle with a horse head in the front basket. She poses with dog on lawn. Dark footage of women and man, small child, getting into or out of car. Family, dressed up, approaches entrance to a large brick building. Dark footage of girl with two young men in graduation gowns. View of Peter Hussey graduation, shaking a man's hand. Smiles at camera. Various shots of graduates. Peter poses with family. Graduates in a line, pose for camera. Dark.

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