State of Maine Dedicates Carlton Bridge, 1928--Edward Farrington Abbott--home movies. Reel 5

Dingley Island, Maine
Androscoggin Lake
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Amateur. First 17 ft. perf. damage and brittle. 1928 footage, with Title 'Opening the Bake,' man selects corn and clams from large pit clambake. About 12 people look at men around clambake pit. Burlap cover pulled aside, steam rises from pit. Title, 'We eat.' Women wearing hats seated outdoors at table. Following sections have been transferred to 3/4' at 24 fps. Picnic under trees, pan back and forth, card table with cloth, people standing around. Row of cars parked, view from back. Pan 180 degrees, view of road. Title:'State of Maine Dedicates Carlton Bridge' Bath, Maine. 'A Pageant Showing Earliest Discovery and First History of Maine.' A large picnic, nice car pan. People in costume reenact early settlement of Maine, playing parts of Indians, Vikings, etc. People run about on hillside. Titles throughout. Title: 'On to Dingley Island for a good chicken dinner. Mrs. Farrington Abbbott joins the party but is rather shy' Pan of water, trees. Very short shot of woman on dock. Four women walk on lawn wearing summer dresses. With man in next shot. View of shingled house. Title, 'A Perfect days end with the Aults at Morrison Heights, Wayne, Me.' Wayne, Maine (near Livermore, not far from Auburn). View of Androscoggin Lake. Views of framework fence around white house with shutters. Stone walkways in garden. (Light leak on right.)

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