[Albion Emery--home movies] Reel 8, Accession 2178

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1962 – 1963
A few shots of the remnants of a building after a fire. A few shots of children riding a toy tractor pulling a wagon through Emery’s Cottages. A shot of people cooking in a kitchen. Footage of an awards ceremony, including a man and a group of children receiving an award. A shot of two Boy Scouts playing with their Pinewood Derby cars in a living room. A few shots of a man feeding birds on a dock. Footage of Emery’s Cottages buried in snow. A few shots of firemen spraying a fire hose into the bay, including shots of the fire truck. Footage of people having a picnic by a lake and then packing up their things and driving away. Footage of a football game, including shots of the crowd. Footage of a parade, including a procession of children in Halloween costumes and a marching band. Footage of football games, including the players leaving the field, players training and a shot of majorettes. Footage of hunters at Bull Hill Camp in Eastbrook, ME, including men unloading and loading deer and other things from a truck, a pile of beer bottles and cans, deer hanging from trees and a man displaying a set of antlers. Footage of a parade, including a marching band and a procession of children in Halloween costumes. Footage of a house burning to the ground. Notes on can: “Misc. Football, Hunting, Etc.”

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