Jaipur to Delhi, 1938-1939--Adelaide Pearson--home movies. Reel 6

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1938 – 1939
Boys weaving. Jantar Mantar, (an equinoctial sundial) Jaipur. A cow turning a mill. A man and a boy in a storefront. (Film changes to color) Tourists getting on an elephant. Camels. People in the market. A young musician. A barber giving a man a shave. A woman grinding grain with a rotary quern. A man with a mortar and pestle. Vendors selling flowers. Wall murals depicting people in Indian and European dress. A large building with the sign: ‘The Druggists Hall’. A man etching a metal pot. Metal smiths. A woman climbing down from an elephant. Panning shot of a building. People and camels walking down the street. City gates. Shots of the street. A small shrine. A woman sweeping. Elephants. A large red building. A woman spinning. A peacock. Boys in uniform form an arch with sticks. Storefronts in a market. Various shots of the market. (Film changes to black and white.) Market scenes. The Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab, India, a Sikh gurdwara, reached by a causeway. A cobbler. Market scenes. (Film changes to color) The Golden Temple. People gathered under a tent. Market stalls. A band on the street. Bricklayers. A crowd of people. (Film changes to black and white) A crowd of people praying. A cow pulling a mill. A storefront. Men spraying water on the street. [End of Reel]
From Miss Adelaide Pearson Rowantrees Bluehill, Maine 1938 – 1939 Nov. 3 – Jan. 22 N.Y. – to – Benares Films to # 33 14 C - Batik workers : Camels (Amedabad) Jaipur – Sun Gate : “Ecca” (little carriage) : Tiny Temple : Peppers + 15 C - crowd : Elephants : Palace of Justice : Wall painting : Pal. Of Drugs : Brass workers : Garland sellers : Barber – elephants – (illegible) Gate : Old Pal. 16 C - (illegible) Hall : Elephants : Arch : Grain winnowing (over) Camels : Boy fiddler : (illegible) guiding : Drug (illegible) : Barber 17 – C. - Woman grinding : Painted house : Peacock : Amritsar Drug Sellers : Amritsar oil mill : Potter 18 – B+W Amritsar Potter 19 – B+W Amritsar : Cooks shop : gate : wood carvers – goldsmiths : (illegible) workers - bazaars (illegible) 20 – C.- Amritsar – Golden Temple : (illegible) Man washing : street corner : pigeons : 21- B+W Amritsar – Brass Bazaars : Delhi Jama Masjid 22 – C - Amritsar : Cook + drum shops : Brass Bazaar : Delhi. Delhi : Women carrying bricks : Mosque Service in Jama Masjid 24 – B+W Delhi – Jama Masjid : oil mill + ox : -watering street : Potter

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