[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 74, Accession 2114

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Intertitles: “Maine, The Land of Remembered Vacations” “Official State Picture, Maine Development Commission, State House, Augusta, Maine.” Reel 74 is a promotional film about a sporting camp in Pleasant Island, ME, with intertitles throughout. The footage includes shots of country roads, a sign for the Pleasant Island Lodge and Cottages, a chicken crossing the road, a man coming out of a building marked “Office” to greet guests at the camp, shots of the cottages, shots of Cupsuptic Lake, boats in the camp’s dock, canoes and motorboats on the lake, shots of people walking around the camp, shots of flowers, shots of car license plates from different states, families playing, swimming and diving in the lake, people getting into a boat and a few shots of the sun setting. Donor Notes: “Pemaquid”

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