[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 72, Accession 2114

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1939 – 1940
Intertitles: Reel 72 is a promotional film about cooking clams and lobsters along the coast of Maine with intertitles throughout. The footage includes shots of beaches, men pulling lobster traps into a boat, taking out the lobsters and tossing the traps back in, a man lighting a fire in a stack of logs on the beach, men shucking corn, a man dumping water onto a pile of seaweed, a man raking the coals from a fire, men pitching seaweed onto the hot coals, putting a sheet over the seaweed, dumping lobsters, clams and corn on top of the sheet, putting another sheet over the food, pitching more seaweed onto the sheet, dumping water on the seaweed and putting a tarp over the whole pile, men assembling wooden tables, women setting the tables, a group of people arriving, men raking the seaweed off of the pile and unloading the clams, lobsters and corn, maids serving the people at the tables, people eating and playing on the beach, a few shots of rainbows and a few shots of the sun setting. Donor Notes: “Clam Bake/ Kennebunk”

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