[Annie Wood Nowell--home movies] Reel 12

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1927 – 1928
Notes from can: 6A Tedious. Cont. From 5A. Nancy; All Nancy with little of H; N. at Burr House '27; N. in yard & in water; N. at our house, Pd. Pt. '28; N. in yard & with Helen in canoe; OK, '44.
Intertitle: 'JAS. A.NOWELL'. A toddler (Nancy) playing outdoors. Nancy playing in the ocean. A man and a child sitting on the steps of a house. Nancy on the couch. Nancy on the shore. Intertitle: 'No. 8. Duxbury. 1928 Nancy bathes on our beach. (Slow motion)'. Nancy playing on the beach. Intertitle: 'From beach to house. (Regular motion)' Nancy in a swimsuit playing in a field. Nancy climbing on rocks. A girl (Helen) and Nancy with a canoe. A boy (Robin?) on the beach. Helen, Nancy and a man in a canoe. The two girls swimming. Nancy and Robin playing on the shore. [End of Reel]

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