[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 69, Accession 2114

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1941 – 1949
Intertitles: “Maine, The Land of Remembered Vacations” “Official State Picture, Maine Development Commission, State House, Augusta, Maine.” Reel 69 is a promotional film about Maine apples and apple growing with intertitles throughout. The footage includes a shot of a sign that reads, “State of Maine It takes Maine soil Maine climate and a Maine grower to produce a Maine Apple Apples”, men getting out of a truck marked “Berry Hill Fruit Farm” and transplanting trees, a man trimming a tree, rows of apple trees with their blossoms in bloom, a man on a tractor making hay for mulch, a man sharpening a scythe and reaping hay, a man pitching hay around young trees, men in a spray truck spraying apples, men on ladders picking apples, putting them into crates, loading the crates onto trucks and unloading the crates at the warehouse, shots of boxes full of apples and a shot of a box marked “Berry Hill Fruit Farm Livermore Falls Maine Apples Famous For Their Flavor”. Donor Notes: “Apple Growing/ Berry’s”

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