[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 64, Accession 2114

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1944 – 1947
Intertitles: “Maine The Land Of Remembered Vacations” “Official State Picture Maine Development Commission State House, Augusta, Maine” Reel 64 is a promotional film about coastal towns in Maine with intertitles throughout. Footage of the town of Damariscotta, including a bridge, houses, streets and the downtown and waterfront areas. A few shots of a road along the peninsula, including views of the water, directional signs to coastal destinations and a wooden shack. Footage of New Harbor, including various town buildings and the waterfront area. Footage of the docks, including seagulls in a row on top of house, fishermen on the boat ‘Jackie B’ of Bristol, ME, a boy fishing with just a line, hook and bait, a scenic view of the coast towns and the fishermen unloading fish from the boat. Footage of the rocky coastline of Pemaquid Point, including Pemaquid Point lighthouse, waves crashing on the water and a few shots of a house. Footage of lobster fisherman, including the men unloading crates and baskets of lobster, putting gas in the fuel tank, drinking beer, dumping the lobsters into a holding tank, a man giving another man money, a shot of lobsters in the tank and a man on motorboat with a lobster crate. Footage of a lobster shack, including people eating lobsters at picnic tables on the dock, people preparing the lobsters and a woman washing her hands in the finger bowl. A few shots of Fort WIlliam Henry. Footage of the coastline, including people playing in the tidal water, a man painting the coastline and a lighthouse. Donor Notes: “Maine The Land Of Remembered Vacations Damarascotta [sic], New Harbor, Pemaquid (eating lobster) - Roberta”

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