[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 63, Accession 2114

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1944 – 1947
Intertitles: “Maine The Land Of Remembered Vacations” “Official State Picture, Maine Development Commission, State House, Augusta, Maine.” Reel 63 is a promotional film about fly fishing in the state of Maine with intertitles throughout. Footage of men and women walking around cabins near a lake at a sporting camp. Footage of a man making a fly fishing lure out of string and feathers. A few shots of a lure clipped to a hat. Footage of people walking to the docks, getting in boats, going out onto the lake and fly fishing, including people reeling in, netting and displaying their catch, throwing a few fish back, shots of fish laid out in the boat and several shots of lakes and waterways. Footage of men frying trout in a pan on a camp fire, eating and then putting out the fire. Shots of the lake, including a wooden bridge made out of logs. Footage of people in boats coming back to the dock, getting out of their boats and walking back toward the cabins, including a man displaying his catch. A shot of the sun setting. Donor Notes: “Fishing/ tie fly/ Liberty/ j.o. Amber” Notes on can: “Maine Development Comm”

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