[Everett Greaton--home movies] Reel 62, Accession 2114

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Reel 62 is a film about driving safety with intertitles throughout. The footage includes a man driving in the night, children playing marbles and getting in a fight, a driver hitting a man crossing the street, a shot of a license plate that reads, “Beware Traffic Bully”, a man running a stop sign, almost hitting a truck and flipping his car, crossing guards helping kids across the street, traffic policemen of all kinds, policemen conducting a braking test with a car on a road when it’s dry and wer, cars and car parts being built and tested in a factory, and a car flipping over on a test track. Intertitle: “The End Produced by WIlding Pictures Productions, Inc. New York Cleveland Detroit Chicago Hollywood”. Notes on can: “Mars Hill + Charleston”

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